Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

Interactive Spelling Activities for Any List

I don’t know about you, but spelling has been a constant struggle in our homeschool. We’ve tried many dedicated spelling curricula over the years, and they are either much too easy or much too hard for my children. Often they are quite boring and require hours of writing and rewriting words with little to no interactivity.

Additionally, they are often expensive, requiring us to purchase a teacher’s manual or a slew of manipulatives that my students bore of quite easily. For spelling, what I really need is a variety of engaging ways to encourage my children to practice their spelling words. I want them to have FUN while working on their spelling words. Is that too much for this homeschool mama’ to ask?

Well, this month, I decided that I had enough, and set out to create my own spelling word resources. I chose the following goals for this resource:

Let me tell you that I am BEYOND excited to announce our latest product: Editable Interactive Weekly Spelling List Pack

  • Editable for Any Word List
  • Adaptable for Multiple Ability Levels
  • Weekly Progression of Knowledge
  • Covers Written & Oral Spelling Activities
  • Covers Syllables, Vowels, ABC Order, Beginning Letters
  • Interactive, Hands-On Activities & Games
  • Is Virtually NO-Prep for Me :)

Let me walk you through how this spelling product works! Basically, on the first page of the product, you’ll type in your own word list (10 new words and 2 review words), and it will instantly AUTOFILL your words directly into all 18 pages of the document, giving you an entire week of custom spelling activities and games. Isn’t that exciting? Here is how a typical week will look:

Spelling PreTest

(Optional) If you’d like to see you’re your student knows beforehand, you can have them take the spelling pretest. This is also helpful for students to see their own progress. We recommend having students take this spelling pre-test at the start of the week on Monday. Remind your students that they aren’t expected to know these words, it’s just for them to compare their progress at the end of the week.


(after the optional spelling pretest)

Robot Roll Game: Students roll the dice, add the number. Students match the number they rolled to their spelling words and write that word in the empty box.
Inspect & Trace: Students identify consonants & vowels, tracing their spelling word with different colors. Next, students circle the number of syllables in their word.

Spelling Practice Fold & Peek: Students practice writing their spelling words. Words are written along the right side of the paper where students can fold, cover, or peek as needed.
Dab & Spell Aloud: Students use bingo daubers to find and dab their word. Each time they dab, students spell the word aloud.
Word Worm: Students spin and read their spelling word aloud. Students then write the word on a worm and spin again.

Letter Boxes: Students write their spelling words in the shaped boxes.The shapes of the boxes give students a clue as to what letter might fit in the box.
Roll & Write: Students roll the dice and practice writing their spelling words in the columns. The first column to fill up is the winner!
Target Word Practice: Each letter has a number value. Students write their words, then calculate the value based on the number chart.

Rainbow Alphabet: Students write their words in alphabetical order. Then students write their words in rainbow colors.
Spelling Word Cards: This set provides you with spelling word cards for each of your spelling words. Cards can be used for flashcards, or as a memory
Spin & Dab: Students spin and dab a letter from the word they land on until the word is spelled completely. Students read and spell each word aloud. Crayons can be substituted in place of a dauber.

Mystery Spelling Word JumbleStudents decipher the spelling word by identifying the beginning letter of each picture and writing the letters in order on the line.
Spelling List BingoStudents play spelling BINGO in small groups with these bingo board cards. Since each word has the possibility to be called multiple times, students can choose strategically.
Spelling Bee GameStudents practice spelling their words as they collect each one for their game board. Students must collect and spell each word correctly to win the game.Full instructions provided on the game board. (2 pages)

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