Scientific Method Charts for K-2

Scientific Method Charts for K-2

Smart Start Science is a new and engaging series of Low-Prep, Hands-On experiments, and activities designed for K-2 students. This specific pack, “Scientific Method Anchor Charts” includes six posters displaying the parts of the scientific method. Both color and black and white are provided.


Scientific Method Posters
-Ask a Question “What is something you want to know?”
-Research “Find information about your question.”
-Hypothesis “Take your best guess to answer the question.”
-Test your Hypothesis “Experiment with and test your hypothesis.
-Analyze Results “Organize your data to see what it means.”
-Report “Share your data with other scientists.”

Black and White versions are provided as well.  These can be used as coloring pages, or printed onto colored paper for classroom displays.  These would be fantastic when printed smaller to make flashcards to small booklets for children to take home.


Smart Start Science: Scientific Method Anchor Charts


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