Multiplication Mazes & Worksheets

Multiplication Mazes & Worksheets


Multiplication facts have been one of the HUGE chores of homeschooling.    No matter how many times my children have these facts memorized, they always seem to regress backwards and forget random pairs of facts.  We often review multiplication facts over the Summer (in fact, this Summer we’re trying out the Times Tables Videos) to help make up for these gaps.  So today, I wanted to make something that was FUN but also included multiplication practice: Skip Counting Maze Worksheets


This set features a fun number maze alongside skip counting dots for children.  If you laminate these pages, and use a dry erase marker you can reuse these sheets over and over again in your classroom.  You might even challenge children to a SPEED test to see how fast they can complete the sheet.  This set includes multiplication practice for numbers 2-9 and you can print them free on our sister site



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  • rebecca Reply

    Oh, these are awesome!!! Do you have plans to go up to skip counting to 15? We are a part of classical conversations and I know a lot of mamas who would LOVE these. Thank you!

    June 1, 2016 at 4:39 pm

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