Beginning Letter Alphabet Mazes

Beginning Letter Alphabet Mazes

BeginningLetterHandwritingMazeHeaderPreschoolAlphabetMazesEveryone loves mazes!  I know my kids would much rather do a maze then a worksheet, so that is why I designed these Alphabet Maze Worksheets.    For each letter of the alphabet there is a beginning letter picture maze for children to complete.  Once they finish the maze they can use pladough to form the right shapes to make the letters.  Show children how to roll out the playdough and then arrange to cover the uppercase and lowercase letters.  If you’d rather not use playdough, children can simply color in the letter instead.

Worksheet Expansion Tips: 

  • Color Uppercase in with Big dots, and lowercase with little dots.
  • Color Uppercase in with Big stripes and lowercase with little stripes.
  • Use letter stamps to fill in the blank letters.
  • Children can write the letter to fill in it
  • etc……


Print ABC Mazes Free From Brainy Maze!

If your child is ready, you can try the more advanced version of these letter mazes as pictured above.  They include smaller mazes with reading and handwriting practice as well.  This set is perfect to use as review with our Alphabet Curriculum Notebook!

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