Free Printable Candy Games

Free Printable Candy Games


Who doesn’t love candy?  I know my kiddos are 1 zillion times more interested in our learning game if there is some sort of candy theme involved.

That’s why I’ve recently designed some SWEEEEEEEET learning resources for my kiddos.

Lollipop Land is a take on Candy Land and it offers children a change to work on their addition skills with addends up to 4.

(You can use this game with multiplication instead of addition as well so older children can play)


Each player starts by spinning two times then adding up their numbers.

A candy necklace number line is available to help younger children with their counting.

Once added the child then moves their player the correct amount of spaces.

If a child spins the gumball machine they automatically get to advance to the next candy square.


The game continues as players make their way around the board.

Landing on a colored square also advances you to the next candy square!  BONUS!!

First one to the center of the lollipop wins the game!

Ready to play?  Print this game free from our sister site Preschool Mom.

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Alphabet Gumballs is another fun candy themed game that fits perfectly in a file folder.

This game uses a 1.5″ circle punch (as all of our circle punch games do) and can easily be turned into a multiplayer game.


The gumball machines contain the uppercase letters, and the lowercase letters are written on the gumballs! Play with multiplayer by placing all gumballs into a small container and taking turns drawing them. If it matches a letter on your board keep it, if not it goes back into the container and it’s the next persons turn.

Ready to play?  Print ABC Gumball Game from Preschool Mom

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Our Sweet Measuring Sheet is a simple sheet for children to practice their measuring skills.

Each sweet is sized just right to fit your inch ruler and should be laminated for durability.

This is great for table side games or inside your pretend play centers.

Ready to Play?  Print this Measuring Sheet free at Preschool Mom.


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