Mushroom Science Printables

Mushroom Science Printables


Fall is here and mushrooms are starting to pop up all over the place!

One of our favorite Fall activities to to go on a mushroom hunt to see how many different kinds of mushrooms we can find on our property.

Obviously, I talk with my children about safe handling of wild mushroom

(i.e. DO NOT EAT, LET MOM PICK etc….)

Even then, I wear gloves and am very careful not to touch my eyes, nose, mouth etc…..I don’t know if this is really necessary, but I fell better doing it so that’s that.


Mushrooms make fantastic science specimens for children of all ages.

That’s why today I’ve released a set of eight different Mushroom science notebooking pages, worksheets, labeling charts, activity sheets and life cycle resources you can use to study mushrooms with your own children.  If you don’t have access to mushrooms in your neighborhood you might consider going on a nature walk at the park, or even purchasing a mushroom from the grocery store.  Additionally, there are lots of Mushroom Farm Kits you can find online if you wanted to extend this into a horticultural unit study as well.

Print Mushroom Science Worksheets from Here.

Find More Science Printables Here.



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