Mushroom Science Printables

Mushroom Science Printables


Fall is here and mushrooms are starting to pop up all over the place!

One of our favorite Fall activities to to go on a mushroom hunt to see how many different kinds of mushrooms we can find on our property.

Obviously, I talk with my children about safe handling of wild mushroom

(i.e. DO NOT EAT, LET MOM PICK etc….)

Even then, I wear gloves and am very careful not to touch my eyes, nose, mouth etc…..I don’t know if this is really necessary, but I fell better doing it so that’s that.


Mushrooms make fantastic science specimens for children of all ages.

That’s why today I’ve released a set of eight different Mushroom science notebooking pages, worksheets, labeling charts, activity sheets and life cycle resources you can use to study mushrooms with your own children. ¬†If you don’t have access to mushrooms in your neighborhood you might consider going on a nature walk at the park, or even purchasing a mushroom from the grocery store. ¬†Additionally, there are lots of Mushroom Farm Kits you can find online if you wanted to extend this into a horticultural unit study as well.

Print Mushroom Science Worksheets from Here.

Find More Science Printables Here.



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