Free Layers of the Earth Worksheets


Learning about the Layers of the Earth is always fun for children.  Today, I’ve got some new printable resources available for you on our sister site

Layers of the Earth Printables

I’ve created all sorts of charts, worksheets and activity pages you can use in a Science notebook or journal:

LayersoftheEarthLabelingWorksheetLayersoftheEarthLabelingWorksheet2 LayersoftheEarthCardsColor LayersoftheEarthCardsBW

Layers of the Earth

  • Coloring Pages
  • Notebooking Journal Pages
  • Color Coded Charts
  • Labeling Worksheet
  • Nomenclature Cards (Color & BW)


EarthCorePinPrint all these Layers of the Earth Printables here on

You can even grab the clipart to make your own worksheets (for personal use only).

Find more Science Worksheets Here

Try this Layers of the Earth Crafty with Play Dough



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Homeschool Writing Journal


Today I’ve spent some time updating our Free Daily Writing Journals for Kids!

These are simple DIY journals that you can make with any standard children’s notebook.

You could even adapt these to use within a binder instead.


I designed these to be super simple and require minimal resources so you can really use these as your foundation and then add in any online programs or hands on manipulitives you have on hand.  This is not required, but it would liven up the daily structure a bit for children.

Come grab these printables and read the tutorial for setting up your notebooks here.


Looking for a simple, no-prep writing program for kids?  Click Here

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Simple Daily Homeschool Journal

Homeschool writing curriculum doesn’t have to be expensive.  We offer many affordable writing guides for children in our eStore, most of them under $5.00, but you can also put together a custom writing journal without breaking your homeschool budget.  Using three different notebooks, you can provide children with simple writing opportunities they can use to build important independent writing skills.  Purchase an inexpensive set of lined notebooks with the appropriate spacing for your child.   Use the printable schedules and title pages below to build and customize your writing journals.  (Alternatively, you can use these to create one single writing binder by using our printables as dividers in each section.)


Print these four daily journal printables then read below for complete assembly and tips.


How to Set up a Daily Vocabulary Journal

Step 1:
Paste the title of the journal on the outside of the notebook. On the inside cover paste the instructions.  Additionally you can customize these with your own instructions by writing them in.

Step 2:
Make two pockets to hold your spelling words.  Glue the first pocket to the front and write NEW on it.  Glue the second pocket to the back and write OLD on it.  Then cut index cards in half and write the words you want your child to work on.  Do an online search of grade specific vocabulary words (or choose from the list you’ll be making with your Daily Helper Journal.) 

Step 3:
Place a paper clip at the top of the first page and your ready to go!  At the end of the week have your child place the word into the OLD pocket in the back.  Every so often you can use these index cards as flashcards, for review purposes or to create additional learning opportunities.  (i.e. play an alphabetical order game, or match cards by number of syllables….etc.)




How to set up you Daily Spelling Notebook:

Step 1:
Paste the title of the journal on the outside of the notebook. On the inside cover paste the instructions, filling in the blanks according to your child’s ability level. Alternatively you can write in your own custom weekly instructions as well.  You might also consider adding in some fun spelling websites or games on Friday for children to practice typing their words.

Step 2:
Make two pockets to hold your words.  Glue the first pocket to the front and write NEW on it.  Glue the second pocket to the back and write OLD on it.  Then cut index cards in half and write the words you want your child to work on.

Step 3:
Place a paper clip at the top of the first page for your child to store the current word list. At the end of the week have your child place the word into the OLD pocket in the back of the book to keep for later review.  You might consider providing children with additional hands on spelling ideas such as our alphabetical order train or letter tiles, making one day a week for games or review.


How to set up your Daily Writing Journal

Step 1:
Paste the title of the journal on the outside of the notebook.  On the inside cover paste the instructions, filling in the blanks accordingly.  For my young daughter I decided to have her write five sentences or for at least 10 minutes.  This seemed to encourage her to write a bit faster :) Older children can easily  write more so you can choose what is best for your child.  

Step 2:
Setting up a daily journal is very simple!  Print a list of Story Starters, ( a quick internet search will pull up a ton, you can find age/theme appropriate for your child) and cut them into strips. Store them in a pocket in the front of your notebook.  Provide a paper clip for your child to place the story strip at the top of their sheet of paper.


How to set up your Daily Helper Journal

Step 1:
Paste the title of the journal on the outside of the notebook.  On the inside cover paste the instructions.

Step 2:

Provide children with tabs, paperclips or bookmarks to organize this journal into different sections.  Label the sections with the suggested titles above or with your own as you see fit.  This journal can be used as a reference for newly learned words, grammar rules, and for keeping track of future words to add to spelling and vocabulary lists.




Step-by-Step Writing Guides are now available in our eStore

Come Check them out today!

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Cell Coloring Page

Cell Coloring Page

Okay, I’ll be honest here……I can barely remember all the parts of a cell.

I have to Rap the parts or I will completely forget what each part is called and what they do.

But enough about my memory problems…..

CellColoring  AnimalCellColoring

Here are two amazing coloring pages for you!

Animal Cell Coloring Page

Plant Cell Coloring Page


Both can be printed free from

You can even grab the clip art and make a custom coloring page for your students.

Awesome right?



If you’re really wanting to drive home the point, you could check out these awesome

4D Anatomy models by Famemaster, these would look awesome on a shelf in your classroom and you could pull them down for a quick review.


Or you could replay the Rap song like me.



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$25 Gift Card Giveaway: Sallie Borrink Learning


It’s mid-April and you homeschool mom’s know what that means:

Curriculum planning!

I know you are probably knee deep in your Springtime lessons; busy hatching butterflies, pressing wildflowers and dissecting frogs….but I also know you’re silently thinking and planning about what curriculum you will use next year!


Maybe you’re looking for a fun but educational way to keep your kiddos learning over the Summer break?

We’ll today we’re blessed to offer you a chance to relieve some of that burden with a fun giveaway!

Sallie Borrink Learning is offering one winner a $25 gift card to her online store…..and her store is FILLED with high quality teaching resources for pennies on the dollar.


I am seriously in LOVE with her Fun Fact Cards series, and even more in love with the price!

Cards are a quick, flexible, colorful and fun way to expand your unit! Start building interest in your topic each morning with these 30 fascinating fact cards that go beyond the basics.

These cards are used multiple ways by teachers and parents in many grades. I love reading about all the different ways teachers and parents use them!

Quick Fun Fact – Read the fact card each day and store them in a small basket where the students can look at them again and again. Or keep the set on a ring.

Fact of the Day Bulletin Board – Read a fact each day and display the cards on a special bulletin board or foam board.

Hallway Display – One teacher displayed them on the hallway chalkboard outside her door so many students and adults could read them.

Calendar Pocket Chart – Put a fact behind each number on the calendar and have a different student take it out each day. You can then display on bulletin board.

Geography Extension – Put the cards on a wall map with a string that points to where it ties in.

Go Fish – Create two sets and use for a game of Go Fish.

Memory Game – Create two sets and use for a Memory Game.

Scavenger Hunt – Use the cards to create a Scavenger Hunt.

School Bulletin Board – One kindergarten class had two students take the fact of the day down to the office each morning, “teach” the fact to the office staff, and then display the cards on the office bulletin board for everyone in the school to see.

The cards are 3×3 and there are 6 on a page. I made them small so they easily slide behind your date cards on the calendar pocket chart. They are also a good size for small hands if using them for a game. I also made them smaller to find the balance between making them colorful, but not taking too much ink when you print them.

The cards are unnumbered so they can be used in any month and in any sequence. You can use all the cards in the set or only a portion. This provides maximum flexibility for the teacher’s schedule. Use one set all month or use parts of two sets depending on your needs.

Also included is a hyperlinked list of the relevant websites where the facts were located.

Click Here for All Fun Fact Titles


More Popular products from Sallie Borrink Learning:

Thematic Literacy Packs

Math Centers & Activities

Notebooking Pages



Writing Prompts




Ready to Win?

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Homeschool Curriculum Planning


When it comes to curriculum planning I like to keep things organized.
But sometimes I get bogged down by the actual organization process.

This is pretty much how it goes every year:

I print up my planner.
I sharpen my pencil.
I heat up my tea.
I clean my desk.
I organize the drawers.
I check my email.
I look at all the curriculum I’ve flagged
I spend HOURS pouring over detailed reviews.
I hunt down the best prices for each title.
I load my carts
But before I EVER purchase anything,
I step back and make a list.

I list out ALL of the curriculum titles that I’m 90% sure that I will use.
Then I take the lists with me to each every homeschool book sale, and convention
in hopes that I’ll find each specific curriculum at a bargain price.

This also helps me deter away from impulse buys.

I usually write out this list by hand,
but this year I decided to make a printable Curriculum Planning List


Download: Homeschool Curriculum Planning Sheet

Isn’t it cute?
It’s not rocket science,
but it sure makes my lists look a whole lot more organized.

Plus you can print one up for each child,
staple them together and take them with you to your Summer sales

When you’ve got a zillion kids it tow,
it’s nice to have something that fits in your back pocket and frees up your hands.

I think it goes perfectly with the simple Homeschool Budget sheet I posted last year.
Be sure you read all the rules suggestions for implementing this budget sheet.


So there you go, 6 years of homeschooling and I’ve managed two planning sheets.
At this rate, I should have a full printable planner by the time my children graduate :)


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A Simple but Effective Tip!

parts of speech printables

Today I just wanted to take a quick second
to share something that has been working for us.

If you follow me on facebook you saw I posted these
Parts of Speech printables last week.

Well, here is just a QUICK little tip for how to use them.

First I simply put them back to back in a page protector,
so that my children could store them in their binders.

Then, they can pick one of their reading assignments from the day,
and go through and find two of each of the different parts of speech.

(I have them underline them in different colors and make a key at the top)

I suppose it’s pretty obvious, but I loved how simple it was,
and that by the end of the week my children didn’t need much help
looking for the different words.

(Not to mention that there is WAY LESS complaining
when my kids get even the smallest bit of choice in the matter)

Happy Teaching!

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Buggy Boards: Fun Printable Math Mats!

Got Boys?

Do they Like Bugs?
(nevermind. Silly question)

Need to work on Math?

Check out these Super Buggy Boards!

buggy boards

And these Super Buggy Number Cards!

math printables

Designed to appeal to your little men, while sneaking in a bit of math
like vegetables in a ice cold smoothie.

printable math mats

They’ll be rolling and counting, and checking out all the different bugs
that they’ll never know what hit them.

printable bug

Poor, unsuspecting little men.

These are pretty versatile, Check out all the Game Ideas I posted too!

Okay, ya got me.

I only posted like three ideas….
How would you use these with your little ones?

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Summer Reading Chart

I’m pretty sure it’s still Spring,
but this afternoon I whipped up these
Summer Reading Charts:

And before you start to accuse me of creating charts,
just for the sake of laminating them,
I’ll have you know that we take Summer Reading very….
VERY...seriously around here.
Not to mention that for the past two years
I have somehow misplaced my children’s charts…
Last year because we moved,
and the year before that because I had a baby

So Don’t Judge me. ;)

I already got a very STERN look from the librarian when I pleeded with her to take my word that the children did in fact complete their Summer Reading, even writing down all the Titles and Authors…..and that it was my fault completely and would she please let them choose a book to take home. Please….look at their little sad faces, they practically went blind with all the Summer Reading they did.

So as not repeat that this year, I decided I was going to get a bit more organized and actually make a chart that could be hung on the wall. My children’s wall. Making them responsible for keeping track of them. (You see where this is going right)


Anyway, after all that work,
making all those little boxes,
and adding in those adorable graphics
I of course decided that such a chart would last longer
If it was in fact laminated.

See. Win-Win.

Everyones Happy.

Go print your Chart and be Happy too!

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Printable Bible Verse Memory Sheet

I have finally picked out a Bible History program for my kiddos this year, and I’m proud to unveil that we’ll be using:

bible timeline

Grapevine Beginner Testament Overview

I chose this because I’ve got a 2nd grader, and a KG student and the beginner series seemed like it would work perfectly in the middle of their ability levels. I can expand it a bit for my oldest, and shorten it a bit for my youngest.

I will be using this curriculum on a weekly schedule, so we will complete one topic per week and one bible verse per week. The children will work on the same part of the bible story, but they will have different requirements for the bible verse. I’ve also organized this so that it will fit into a 5 day schedule, at about 1/2 hour each day.

Monday: Read Bible Story, Day 1 verse
Tuesday: Read Bible Story (kids help), Day 2 verse
Wednesday: Review Story w/Timeline activity, Day 3 verse
Thursday: Kids use timeline to retell bible story, Day 4 verse
Friday: Lesson Review Questions, Day 5 Verse (recite), Bible Craft

However, since my children will be working at different levels of their bible verse, I wanted them to each have an independent sheet they could use to help them keep track of their daily verse requirements

(enter bible verse memory sheet for Bubba):

bible verse memory sheet

(enter bible verse memory sheet for Sissy):

scripture memory for kids

So that is how my children will be learning their bible verses this year….

I’m really excited because it provides them each with a daily task, and it all fits on one sheet!

And, I made blank versions for you guys so you can grab them and make some for your kiddos this year too!

Stay Tuned! I hope to post more about our curriculum and how we’ll be organizing it all soon……

(you know…once I actually figure it out for myself)

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Science Printables

Today I made a couple of custom science worksheets that we plan on using this week. There are two different ones:

homeschool printables

Moldy Pumpkin Experiment
(we got the fantastic idea from this website)

Homeschool printables
How Much Does it Weigh?
(which I designed for my Preschooler to use so he can draw a picture of the item instead of writing the word).

I posted them on this page in our main website, which will be the location of any more homeschool printables I end up making through out the year.

P.S. We’re starting our Moldy Pumpkin Experiment soon, so stay tuned for pictures! Yuck…..

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Star Student Scratch-It’s

Homeschool Printables

These would make fantastic rewards for your little students!

I’ve made a printable you can use to make your own too:

Click Here for details

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