Fossil Craft

FossilPinMaking fossils is great fun, and really not as “troublesome,” or “messy” as you might think! This craft really drives home the point in how fossils are formed and leaves children with a lasting impression!!


Plaster of Paris
Small objects to fossilize!



Kids Read About:
Dinosaurs and the Bible

Parents Read About:
Dinosaurs and the Bible

Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Fossils     Fossils2   Fossils3   FossilKit

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Soften up your modeling clay, form it into a mound and place it inside some crumpled up tinfoil.

Step 2

Press your fossil shape into your clay. You'll need to wiggle it a bit and press firmly.

Step 3

use a toothpick to get it out if needed.

Step 4

You should have an impression in your clay in the shape of your object.

Step 5

Smooth out any marks in your impression that you don't want to show. (Like this Made in China stamp! Ha Ha)

Step 6

Mix up your Plaster of Paris. (Two parts plaster to One part water)

Step 7

Pour the plaster into your clay mold.

Step 8

Pour enough to cover the mold and then some for good measure! Shake gently to get out the bubbles and smooth the surface

Step 9

Wait about an hour for the plaster to dry. Remove the tinfoil.

Step 10

Remove the clay mold from the plaster. (You might have to break off a bit of the plaster to get to the clay.

All Done

Enjoy your different fossils! For extra fun, make a set of these ahead of time and let children them guess what they think they are!

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