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IMG_6719The Human brain is fascinating!  We’ve got some fantastic crafts, activities and printables you can use during your Brain or Nervous System Unit Study.  These resources are intended to spark intrigue and wonder within your children.  During your studies, consider exposing children to vairous mind benders, optical illusions, brain games and the like.

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

Brainbook2   BrainPsychology   BrainBookbraingame

Make a Brain Hat

This is an awesome activity, and really got my children excited about our upcoming lesson on the brain! We downloaded this craft free from, where you can find TONS of other amazing science resources

Brain Learning Center

We've got a brain file folder game over on our sister site: There is also a Nerve labeling game for children who are learning about the Nervous System. Both games have a follow up worksheet to "Show you Know"

Printable Brain Puzzle

Help children easily learn the names of the different lobes of the brain by printing out our brain puzzle. Print on heavy cardstock and laminate for best results. Then cut along the dividing lines of each lobe.

Nervous System Charts

Use these charts to explain to children that the nervous system is made up of the brain, the spinal cord, and neurons. These are great for recording key facts from text books to store in your journals or lapbooks

Neon Neuron

Sometimes making a simple construction paper model is a great way to learn more about something. We used some brightly colored printer paper to make these electric neurons and later labeled each part.

Brain Coloring & Worksheets

Homeschool Clipart has a variety of coloring pages, worksheets and notebooking pages you can use to enhance your unit study on the human brain.,

Egg Carton Spinal Cord

I made this to use as a visual demonstration for how the spinal cord can bend, as well as discuss the nervous system with the string also be a great project for older children. Needle/Thread: Egg Carton, Noodle.

Printable Stroop Test

This is a fun activity where children try to say the colors of the color words as fast as they can. (So the top row they'd say, "Red, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red") It's more difficult then it looks and makes for lots of giggles. Ask children why it's so hard?

Brain Mold

What could be more fun then actually making a JELLO brain! You can get a brain mold from Jello for under $5, and you're children are sure to use this again and again over the years!


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  1. Thank you for the beautifully made printables. I downloaded the human body worksheets. I love the brain hat! I use these printables in lapbooks. Thank you.

  2. These are fantastic! Thank you so much, the children really responded to the hands-on activities with the brain! :)

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