Pioneer Feather Pen

I know.

I thought we were done learning about the Oregon Trail too.

Guess Not.

Last week we took a trip to one of the area parks around here

(cause that what sick homeschoolers do….they go feed the ducks.)

Tell me that little guy wouldn’t cheer up even the sickest of children.

And if he wouldn’t, this little herd might:

Anyway, besides getting to visit with all the adorable little spring goslings, we were also able to pick up some very large feathers.

Feather Pen Craft, Quill Pen

(Okay, now normally I’m really freaked out by my kids picking up feathers.

Is that weird?

They just seem so dirty….diseased even……Am I wrong?)

But, seeing as how they were already sick,
I figured…what harm could come from it….LOL

(I’m not even sure that you can get sick from a bird?)

So anyway, we snagged a few feathers, and the homeschool teacher Mommmy inside of me immediately thought:

Feather Pens!

We mixed the ink:

Then got right to work!

My 3 year old especially loved this activity.

And I love that he actually held his Feather Pen with correct form!

Pioneer Crafts

Eventhough we’re officially done learning about the Oregon Trail, I paired this craft with the book, “Journey of a Pioneer” because it’s an early reader book that is read from a young girls diary as she travels the Oregon Trail.

This would make an excellent activity to follow up this story, as children can write their own special letters home, or even make a trail map!

If you want to make your own Feather Pens, I’ve got full photo instructions up on our main site:

You can click here for the tutorial and more learning ideas!

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  1. Great pictures! I’m not sure about the bird feathers either. I’d like to know since I always yell at my kids to drop it whenever they pick one up off the ground. I would imagine that once it’s been off the bird for awhile, that it would be fine :-) Cute idea with the ink too.

  2. Very sweet. I’m wierd with bird feathers too, so at least you’re not alone there :) Ok, I gotta ask, do you use a particular method/curriculum or do you just go with what your kids are interested in? Just curious ;)

  3. We used your feather pen tutorial to go with our preschool “colonial day” after reading the book “Felicity” and your site was so helpful! We used watered down finger paints that I had on hand and it worked! The feathers really drank up the ink and I was so happy! I washed feathers from park ducks and cut them as shown and the little girls enjoyed it! The girls also turned the feathers upside down like a paintbrush. :) Thank you for sharing!

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