1. Great pictures! I’m not sure about the bird feathers either. I’d like to know since I always yell at my kids to drop it whenever they pick one up off the ground. I would imagine that once it’s been off the bird for awhile, that it would be fine :-) Cute idea with the ink too.

  2. Very sweet. I’m wierd with bird feathers too, so at least you’re not alone there :) Ok, I gotta ask, do you use a particular method/curriculum or do you just go with what your kids are interested in? Just curious ;)

  3. We used your feather pen tutorial to go with our preschool “colonial day” after reading the book “Felicity” and your site was so helpful! We used watered down finger paints that I had on hand and it worked! The feathers really drank up the ink and I was so happy! I washed feathers from park ducks and cut them as shown and the little girls enjoyed it! The girls also turned the feathers upside down like a paintbrush. :) Thank you for sharing!

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