Yarn Doll Craft for Kids


Yarn dolls are fun for kids to create, but they need a bit of help with the tying! Let them choose their favorite color, and follow along for adorable results.  Be sure to have lots of yard on hand as children will want to make one for each of their family members.


  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard

Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

If you have cardboard this will make the first step easier. You need to cut a bunch of strings of yarn that are the same size. Using the cardboard, simply wrap your yarn around and around until you’ve got the amount you want.

Step 2

Cut the yarn at one end. This will make need the cardboard.

Step 3

To make the head we twisted, then turned our twist inward to make the bulge

Step 4

Once you have the bulge of the head, you want to tie it off with a spare string. Tie tightly, and keep all your knots on the backside (choose a back)

Step 5: Boy

If you’re making a boy, you’ll want to seperate the yarn in the general direction that each of the strands will be going. Two arms at the side, and two legs below. Legs need to be thicker.

Step 6: Boy

Begin to tie off the arms. We did two ties along the arms, and then trimmed the ends so that it looked a bit neater.

Step 7: Boy

Tie a waist, and legs. We did two ties down the, one for the knee area, and the other for the ankle area.

Step 5 Girl

Just like with the boy, you’ll want to seperate two arms, and a skirt below. For the girl however, you want to bring back your arms and tie them at the waist.

Step 6: Girl

Tie the arms at the shoulders, to form a Poofy sort of sleeve. Make sure your ties are in the backside of the doll.

Step 7: Girl

Tidy up your stray strands, and decide if you’re girl is wearning pants or a skirt. (If pants copy the boy pattern on the left….If skirt see below)

Step 8

Trim up the ends of all your strands. For the boy make sure the hands and feet are even. For the girl, snip the ends of her skirt so that it’s all the same length.

All Done!

Have fun playing with your Yarn Dolls. Perhaps even put Ma and Pa in your homemade covered wagons!


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