Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Does your child love unicorns? If so, they are going to LOVE this fun Unicorn Crafts for Kids! Whether you are looking for homeschool crafts, a unicorn-themed birthday party for preschoolers, or a classroom craft full of color, this fun, creative, and clever unicorn craft activity will be a HUGE hit! Try our Free Unicorn Coloring Pages and our Unicorn Templates for more crafty magical fun!

This unicorn craft is perfect for all ages, including young ones. With just a few staple supplies and steps, you’ll have a beautiful display of a Rainbow Unicorn for a keepsake or gift.

Unicorn Craft Materials

Rainbow Unicorn Craft Instructions

  1. Using cardstock, use black glue to design mane as show in video.

2. Next, after black glue dries, draw clear glue in between black glue stripes.

3. Using a paint brush, gently blend clear glue in between left side design to prepare for pastel coloring.

4. After clear glue dries, use white pastel and color left side mane design.

5. Now, it’s time for the rainbow colors. Starting with red, begin the rainbow design as shown below and in video provided.

6. Once complete, use finger to blend all pastel colors gently across the page. Be careful not to blend colors together, finger should be wiped cleaned before proceeding.

7. Your Rainbow Unicorn Craft for Kids is now complete. Hang it on the fridge to display or give as a gift to loved ones.


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