Snowflake Window Clings

What a perfect time to start thinking about the cold winter season’s indoor kid projects. We’ve got a terrific idea moms and teachers are going to love. This Snowflake Window Cling Project might look challenging, but it’s far from it! All you need are the right supplies. Thankfully, most items you’ll find in the house or classroom.

Whether you are thinking about this cold weather project as a Christmas snowflake window cling or winter window craft, you’ll love the simplicity and beauty of this winter activity.

What are window clings made of?

Now you no longer have to wonder what window clings are made of. It’s simply an acrylic paint. Once it dries, it can be placed on glass that sticks nicely to flat non-porous surfaces. If you’ve got big windows or an area that needs some season-appropriate decorations, we’e included an extra-large snowflake window cling to decorate. These snowflake window decals are gorgeous and creative that the neighbors will get to enjoy as well.

Snowflake Window Decals Material

Here’s a quick list of what you’ll need for the Snowflake Window stickers. You’ll be happy to discover most supplies can be found right in your home or classroom.

How do you make snowflake window clings?

For this DIY Snowflake Window Craft, you’ll need the Snowflake template along with some basic supplies. The base of the Snowflake Craft will be a laminated sheet. Using a laminator or hot iron, flatten the laminate sheet. If you don’t own a laminator, you can try a hot iron and heat the seat on a flat surface. Also, you might want to consider purchasing plastic sheets for crafting.

  1. Using a cookie sheet, or a piece of scrap cardboard, place the printed Snowflake Template face up, and then laminated sheet on top. This is simply a lamination sheet that has been run through the laminator with nothing it it. It will give you a thick piece of transparent plastic that is wonderful for these types of craft projects.

2. To secure sheets, place tape on each side for a tight and flat fit. Blue painters tape is a great choice as it peels over quite easily.

3. Using light Blue Glass Acrylic Paint, begin following pattern at the top of template.

4. Choose a color for your larger snowflake and begin to trace the outline and fill in the shape.

5. Start with the center heart of the next snowflake. You can make different parts of the snowflake, different colors, just be sure the colors are thick and touch eachother. You don’t want any gaps where there is no paint as you won’t be able to peel off your snowflake when it’s dry. If you want portions of your snowflake to be transparent, then use Clear Window Paint. This is what we used in the center of two of the snowflakes.

6. You can play around with color mixing and adding color on top of other colors. (See our Hummingbird Window Decal for Vibrant Examples) Continue with blue and outline the outer bottom right snowflake and middle outer core area. Let dry OVERNIGHT. I know, it’s tempting to peel it when it starts looking ready after a couple of hours, but it’s NOT, the center is likely still wet with paint. (Ask me how I know this…)

7. Now that you’ve been very patient waiting for it to dry overnight, it’s time to peel each snowflake carefully by pulling with one hand and holding down the laminate paper below. It’s not a race, go slow, being careful to properly lift each appendage. You won’t want to “stretch” the work while peeling.

7. Your Snowflake Window Decals are now complete! Add them to a window anywhere in the house or give them out as gifts. Place them in your classroom windows

Aren’t they gorgeous! This is a perfect craft for older kids or students, especially when looking for a unique craft for the winter while you are stuck indoors.

How do you get window clings to stick again?

Naturally with this type of glass acrylic paint, you’ll find the window decal clings nicely to your windows. The kids will love to decorate for the season and you’ll love the affordability that comes with a DIY window cling snowflake treat. We’ve had them on our windows for years, however, if placed in a sunny window that receives direct sunlight this might be an issue.

Ready for SPRING!? Try our Free Hummingbird Window Cling Art Tutorials! This is a fantastic project for Mom and older kiddos, and the vibrant colors are sure to brighten up your windows.


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  • Amber Reply

    Hello! This looks like a great, fun project! I was wondering if it is necessary to use specifically “window glass paint” or would any acrylic paint work?

    January 6, 2021 at 7:31 am

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