Love Bug Valentine’s Day Printables

I don’t know about you guys, but Valentine’s Day is much anticipated holiday at our house. I’m pretty sure it should be renamed as the “Winters Almost Over” holiday, as all the chocolate and candy hearts sure feel like a well-earned reward for making it through another Homeschool Winter.

There is just something about stir-crazy boys that makes we want to add an extra bag of chocolate hearts to my shopping cart, and stash them away in a high cupboard somewhere before the kids see them.

I love Valentine’s Day candy so much, that over the years, I’ve created a few printables that can be used alongsidee Valentine’s Day Candy; like this Conversation Hearts Graphing Activity, or these John 3:16 Valentine Cards.

Today, however, I resisted the urge to create another excuse to add more candy to my cupboards, and created this set of Love Bug printables instead. These little critters are so cute, you won’t even miss the chocolate.

First, I’ve added a super fun Love Bug Shape Activity Page.
Students follow the guide to color each shape as directed, then give each of the love bugs some creepy, crawly feet. This is a great page for students who are working on some of those more difficult shapes as I’ve included 15 different shaped bugs.

Second, for students working on cutting skills, I’ve made a set of six different Valentine Love Bugs for them to cut out. Each heart features a different critter, with a Punny Valentine message. These are great for students who want to make their own Valentine’s Day Cards.

And if you want, not saying you have to, but you could…..if Valentine’s Day Candy were to go on sale, and you were at the store anyway….you might add a little chocolate heart or a strawberry blow-pop to the back of these with a little tape or something.

To continue building fine motor skills in February, I definitely recommend that you check out our February Fine Motor Pack. It’s PACKED with over 50 activity pages and skills sheets to build small motor muscles.


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