Star Spangled Banner Printables


Do you want your little ones to learn our National Anthem? Our notebooking printables for The StarSpangled Banner can help children learn the quicker with visual representations alongside the text for each part of the song.

Suggested Resources:


The Star Spangled Banner

The visuals in this book are amazing and really help children to understand what the song is really about. It covers three verses with pictures (including the final verse, “In God we Trust”


Star Spangled Banner Printable Pack

Use these full color visuals to provide children easy to remember cues to our National Anthem.


Star Spangled Banner Printable Pack

This set includes:


Copywork Sheet

Coloring Page

Notebooking Sheet

National Anthem Chart


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    […] Star-Spangled Banner Printable Pack – minibook, copywork, coloring page, notebooking sheet, & National Anthem chart (P-K, Y, E) […]

    February 25, 2015 at 8:59 pm

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