Fishing Notebooking Pages

Notebooking is a hands-on way to teach children about ANY topic! We have recently added many notebooks to our personal homeschool, and have found the methods to work wonderfully for multiple ages and topics. If you’d like to learn more about Notebooking check out this e-book by Jimmie at The Notebooking Fairy.


FishStoriesKid’s Incredible Fishing Stories is a collection of Bizarre Catches, Fierce and Fantastic Fish, Awesome Anglers, and Record Breakers. There’s 11-year-old Clayton Ludington, who stood up to a 315-pound yellowfin tuna.



Fishing Notebook Printables

These printable notebook pages would be great for children to write fiction or non-fictional stories about fishing


Fishing Copywork Pages

Here is a set of printable sheets children can use to keep track of short facts about fish. Have children research facts in a library book or this website has a list of short facts you can use as well.


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