Rainforest Art Projects & Printables

Learning about all the amazing animals in the rainforest is so exciting for children. The levels of the canopy as well as the diverse creatures hidden within make this a fantastic topic of study for children of all ages. The art projects and printables below are the perfect addition to your Rainforest unit study, and they can be adapted for children of different age and ability levels.

Rainforest Floor Puzzle  (We Love This!)

  • 100 Piece puzzle
  • Colorfull and Detailed Graphics
  • Great Quality
  • Heavy-duty Cardboard
  • Recommended Age Rating is 6 years and up

Rainforest Tree Frog Art Project

This is s fun way to build a textured canvas. Children use black glue on black construction paper to outline the frog. Then use colored oil pastels to fill him in. The results are stunning and worthy of any classroom gallery! You might even do a variety of rainforest animals with this technique.

Chameleon Zentangle Art Project for Kids

Zentangle is like doodling with purpose! These Chameleons are full of character and children can fill them in with different patterns and zentangle designs.

Rainforest Coloring Pages

Two rainforest coloring pages, one for older children featuring a sloth and a toucan, and another featuring two toucans with thick black lines for easy coloring.

Tin Foil Toucan Art Project

Another fun art technique is drawing on tinfoil. Children can use sharpie marker, paint or oil pastels to create a vibrant toucan.

Hammered Ferns Art Project

The rainforest is not only filled with amazing animals, but plants as well. Children can learn how to hammer prints of different leaves onto watercolor paper for a stunning effect. This is a great way to “frame” an animal or drawing of the rainforest.


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