Butterfly Life Cycle Stamps


This set of life cycle stamps can be used over and over again!  Make a set for each bug you’re learning about!  Older children can make their own very easily, and use them to decorate research paper and to make visual examples on presentations.


  • Craft Foam, Scrap Wood, Glue, Scissors, Pencil, Ink

Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:


Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Start by designing your stamp on the craft
foam. Use your pencil and press hard

Step 2

Make sure that your pressing into the
foam so that it stays indented.

Step 3

Once drawn, cut out all of your life cycle

Step 4

Glue your shapes onto the backs of a
piece of scrap wood. You can also use a
wooden cube, an empty milk carton,
yogurt cup or anything that has a flat
surface and can take a bit of pressure.

Step 5

Allow your stamps to dry before using. Ink your stamp well by applying pressure

Step 6

Stamp your image onto paper too see
how it turned out!

Step 7

Align your stamps in a circle for your life
cycle and draw arrows showing which
step is next!

All Done!

Now you’ve got a great set of
Life Cycle Stampers! Hint:
Use a diaper wipe to wash off
the stamp in between colors.


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