Peacock Oil Pastel


The peacock is the National bird of India. It’s certainly one of God’s most beautiful creatures, and even young children can make these wonderful pictures. We provide you with step by step drawing tutorials, as well as instruction on using oil pastels to bring your peacock to color.

This tutorial is split into two parts:

  1. Part 1 Drawing
  2. Part 2 Coloring


  • Cardstock or Pastel Paper
  • Oil Pastels
  • Pencil and Eraser
  • Black Line Marker
  • (Sharpie is fine)

Art Project Tutorial:

Part 1: Drawing Your Peacock

Prep: Drawing Your Peacock If you haven’t already, visit this page in our site for step by step photos on drawing you peacock.

Step 1

Be sure that you’ve completed your peacock drawing, then get out your pastels! We use Crayola Oil Pastels which you can purchase much cheaper on Amazon, especially if you have prime!

Step 2

Blending involves finding different hues of colors. Use your lightest green, medium green, and light blue and color the top part of your peacocks body.

Step 3

Use your medium blue and your turquoise blue and blend your way down your peacocks body. Notice that we’re leaving white space at the top of each hump.

Step 4

As you go down, your colors should be getting darker. Use dark blue and end with purple. Remember that your strokes should be up and down, vertically. Use your finger to blend if needed.

Step 5

Use gold and light orange to blend on the beak. The light orange should be used near the center and the bottom.

Step 6

Use red to fill in those little circles on top of your peacock’s head.

Step 7

Use your medium blue and fill in the middle of your lopsided hearts. You’re just filling in the middle, leave some open near the top and the bottom of your lopsided heart. If you made your hearts small then don’t worry too much about that blank space.

Step 8

Use your purple to fill in the bottom blank space. If your area is small you can color directly over the bottom blue.

Step 9

Use your medium green to color in the main heart.

Step 10

Add a little bit of light blue to the bottom of that green, and blend with your finger.

Step 11

We are using light yellow, peach, light orange, and brown. Use your finger blending technique for each outer heart.

Step 12

Start with your light green, then medium green, then light blue, start adding streaks of color to your feathers.

Step 13

Start with your light green, then medium green, then light blue, start adding streaks of color to your feathers.

Step 14

Use your finger to blend the colors slightly. Complete all feathers in this way

Step 15

Here is how your peacock looks when complete! You can use a different color to fill in the background if you like.


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