Indian Design Project


Art and textile in India often features intricate designs and patterns.  Paisleys, mandalas and other symmetrical designs can be found on walls, fabrics, and even displayed in the temporary staining of skin with henna.  This project explores a method of transferring designs that might be too difficult to draw by hand, and leaves children with a beautiful card they can share with friends or family.


  • Paisley Pattern
  • Cardstock or Computer Paper
  • Oil Pastels
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Paperclips
  • Pencil and Eraser

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:



Art Project Tutorial:

Printable Designs

Before starting this project print out our designs or search online for an inspiration design.

Step 2

Cover a single sheet of paper with chalk pastel. Color doesn’t really matter too much, but I’m choosing pink,.

Step 3

Color over your paper with oil pastel. I’m using brown.

Step 4

Layer papers as follows:
Oil Pastel (right side up),
Blank paper,
Design (Right Side Up)

Step 5

Paper clip your papers in place, being careful not to press hard as at this point the oil pastel can transfer. I’m placing my image in the upper left hand corner, so that I can make a card.

Step 6

Using a sharp pencil, press hard and trace your design completely.

Step 7

Slowly remove your blank paper from the middle and your transfered image will be there

Step 8

When you fold you paper, your image now lines up perfectly to make a greeting card.

Step 9

Use oil pastels to create more interest on your card. I’m using brown and green to pull color to the edges.

All Done!

Your Indian design is now complete! This is a great way to add complex patterns to artwork.


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