India Textile Painting


Within Indian culture elephants are highly treasured.  Painted elephants are common at celebrations and festivals and make their appearace across many Indian art forms.  You can complete this art project with any symbol of India, but the elephant makes for a stunning result.


Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:


Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Search online for a visual reference for your art project. If you’re using this with a co-op I suggest printing a variety of representations of Indian art for children to choose from.

Step 2

Using a pencil, draw your image onto your fabric

Step 3

Place a piece of cardboard under your fabric then trace your outline with gel glue. Set aside to dry Or set up a quick drying station with hair dryers.

Step 5

Fill in your picture with different brightly colored acrylic paints

Step 6

Add in a background if you like, using water to blend colors into the fabric. Let your painting dry completly

Step 7

Once dry, soak your fabric in a tub of warm water. Gently peel off the glue. Allow your fabric to dry.

All Done!

Your India textile art is now finished! You could precut your fabric to use as a flag, pillowcase, small bag….etc.


This is the white cardboard we had underneath our project. The paint transfered through the fabric and onto the board giving us a second beautiful piece of art to share.


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