India Elephant Art Project


Within Indian culture elephants are highly treasured.  Painted elephants are common at celebrations and festivals and make their appearace across many Indian art forms.  You can complete this art project with any symbol of India, but the elephant makes for a stunning result.


  • Elephant Template
  • Black Construction Paper
  • White Sand or Fine Glitter
  • Sequins, Glue, Paintbrush

Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:


Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Print your elephant template and cut out the center to make a stencil

Step 2

Trace your stencil onto a piece of black construction paper

Step 3

Outline your shape with glue

Step 4

Using your paintbrush, pull the glue towards the center of the elephant

Step 5

You’ll need to work quickly as the glue will start to dry as it is thinned out

Step 6

Pour sand or white glitter over your glue

Step 7

Pour off the excess and save for later. You are left with a really wonderful elephant on your paper!

Step 8

Use glue to add a rectangular shape for a blanket over your elephant

Step 9

Glue sequins onto the blanket

Step 10

You can stratigically place your sequins with a stripe at the bottom, then fading into more white and clear sequins toward the top.


If you have enough sequins, you might let children decorate their entire elephant for a stunning piece of art.


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