How to Draw a Mandala

Wondering what a mandala is and what it looks like? I’ll give you a hint — it has to do with a combination of gorgeous art and geometric shapes. We’re going to share with you all about what a mandala is and how to draw a mandala, step by step with easy to follow instructions.

What is a Mandala?

Generally speaking, a mandala is for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically. You may have noticed that art and textile in India often feature intricate designs and patterns.  Many beautiful patterns like paisleys, mandalas, and other symmetrical designs can be found on walls, fabrics, and even displayed in the temporary staining of skin with henna.  

The main focus of this mandala project is learning radial symmetry being taught as an art concept etc….more like drawing a mandala for artistic purposes.

Make a Mandala Project

This mandala project will teach your children how to draw their own mandala using radial symmetry. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to draw shapes in a beautiful array of artistry. Plus, your student will learn for the first time how to draw a mandala with a compass and color easily with oil pastels.

How to Create a Mandala Materials

How to Draw a Mandala with a Compass Instructions

  1. Using a drawing compass, center the tool in the middle of white cardstock using the pencil part on the outside and draw a large central circle. Move compass 3/4 of an inch, draw another circle. Repeat two more times.

2. Draw a line vertically in the center of the circle. Draw a line horizontally. Draw 2 lines diagonally.

3. Connect semi-circles within the inner circle as shown below.

4. Draw the following shapes:

  • A small circle in the center. Draw a circle on the last inner circle every other section.
  • In the remaining sections, draw a rounded rectangle as shown below.
  • Within the 2nd circle area, connect each section using a semi-circle. In the center of each section, draw a trapezoid.
  • In the 3rd circle area, draw a small circle centered in every other section opposite to the 1st circle section. Draw a rounded rectangle in the remaining areas.

5. Using a sharpie, trace all shapes until complete.

6. Using Oil Pastels, color all mandala shapes step by step using images and video provided. These colors may include light blue, orange, purple, light green, dark green, and pink. However, you can choose your own colors if you prefer. This is a great way to teach symetrical shapes using patterns in an artistic format.

The Mandala Craft is complete. This gorgeous and amazing India style art would make a great framed picture or keepsake!


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