Multiplication Chart Printables & Games

Multiplication Chart Printables & Games

Let’s face it….learning multiplication facts can be a daunting task, even if you are blessed with a kiddo that adores math! Today, we are sharing our favorite resources for making multiplication fun and engaging for everyone involved. Over the years we’ve created many hands-on games, activities and printables you can use to guide your students to math fact mastery.

Multiplication Charts

The first resource you’ll want to start with is a multiplication chart. If you’re unfamiliar with a multiplication chart, it is basically a simplified reference chart of the times table facts that can be used to quickly find the product of two numbers. To use the chart, simply choose one number from the left row, and one number from the top column, and follow the paths (down and across) until they meet. The number they meet at is the product of the two numbers when multiplied.

Skip Counting Charts

Multiplication charts can be used for quick skip counting practice as well. You’ll notice that each row or column presents skip-counting numbers in sequence. This is a handy tool for young students who are learning their times tables. When ready, encourage students to try these fun and free skip counting worksheets.


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