Educational Mazes for Critical Thinking, Logic, and FUN!

Educational Mazes for Critical Thinking, Logic, and FUN!

If your kids aren’t doing mazes, here are a few reasons why it’s definitely time to start: 

1) Mazes help develop fine motor coordination, which is the basis of handwriting skills.  

2) Mazes help your child’s eye tracking which is a very important skill

3) Mazes help teach problem-solving skills. Have your kids learn to look first, trace with a finger second, and use a pencil at the end. 

4) Mazes help develop critical thinking skills as they need to reassess how they approach the more difficult ones. 

5) Mazes are an excellent quiet time activity, and kids do NEED quiet time. 

6) Like all puzzles, there is a sense of accomplishment when a maze is completed.  It can be absolutely thrilling for little ones when they work so hard on something and finish it. 

And if those reasons don’t convince you, it should be noted that many occupational therapists will use mazes with kids at risk for developmental and learning delays.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start some mazes with your kids today!  


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