How to Conquer the Clutter in the Classroom

Are the papers starting to get out of control in your homeschool or classroom? Have you accumulated a ton of curriculum over the years and it’s overwhelming? It’s time for a clean space — here’s how to conquer the clutter in the classroom.

It’s easy to allow your homeschool space or classroom to get messy. But, there’s a solution for all of it — declutter! It’s time to get your organization skills sharpened along with those fresh, new pencils. Here are 5 quick tips on getting your room tidy and neat before the school year ends. Less mess, less stress!

1. Write a quick list of homeschool curriculum

First, you need to know what you have before making decisions on what homeschool curriculum to keep or toss. Once the list is finalize, mark the curriculum that you need to keep for the next 2 years. Now that you have a comprehensive list of unnecessary homeschool materials, take them through a triage process. It’s very simple — reuse, recycle, or remove!

2. Removing unwanted homeschool curriculum

It’s now time to get rid of the paper pile up! You want a clean classroom, don’t you? You’ve loved on this curriculum for many years, and it worked for your homeschool child or classroom. Yet, it’s ready to go to a new home. I know, it’s tough. You have fond memories and know how valuable it is, so let someone else enjoy it too.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Will I use this in the next 2 years? If yes, it’s a keeper! Put it in the keep pile for organizing later.
    • But, can I reduce the double copies, ripped pages, or broken materials to make it more manageable?
    • Can it be stored digitally and/or displayed on a tablet?
  • If I won’t be using it in the next two years, it’s time to give it away, sell, or store it digitally. Below you’ll find ways to sell or donate your used homeschool books, manuals, worksheets, and materials.

Remember, storing too many items takes up time and space, which ultimately takes up precious time from other important obligations. Plus, if you are getting a paycheck, it reduces your pay.  Yes, you heard that right! If you are taking time to store unneeded items, you’re making less money based on the hours it takes to store them. If you’re a homeschool teacher, your wasting time without your family or doing something you love.

Also, recycle any of those papers, including duplicate copies, you longer need. Just think of it this way — your messy papers just may be transformed into thoughtful greeting cards to brighten someone’s day!

3. Remove the Broken Writing Utensils

Yes, we could come up with a hundred projects on how to recycle those broken crayons. But, if the ‘Recycle Old Crayons in the CrockPot’ is not on your school calendar this year, toss them! Plus, get rid of any pencils or pens that don’t work, are short, run out of ink, or just not useful anymore.

Now it’s time for some homeschool organization! Gather all of those colored pencils, markers, pens, and pencils you are keeping. You’ll find all you need to know below under Permanent Storage Solutions.

4. Resell Your Teaching Curriculum and Homeschool Resources

Make some extra money by reselling your previous purchases or inherited items. You’d be shocked at how much you can make by free advertising online using Craigslist, Facebook or a small percentage on eBay.  

For free advertising, just search for “Craigslist + Location” and you’ll find a section ‘For Sale’. Facebook is also an easy way to make a little money from used homeschool materials. Click on Marketplace on the left hand tool bar, then select the ‘+Add something’ button on the left.

5. Permanent Storage Solutions

Now that the clutter is finding a new home, let’s discuss your homeschool curriculum and materials you want to store. Classroom organization is key to a stress free space.

There are many permanent storage solutions, and there’s not a perfect solution for everyone. But, here is what I’ve seen worked best digitally and physically.

Digital Storage Solutions

Google is a great way to store digital homeschool curriculum and printables. All you have to do is create a Gmail account, and you have 15G of free electronic space. Create folders based on grade then subject. It will make your job a lot easier when you’re looking for homeschool curriculum!

Another great tip is to name your digital files by product and brand. If you ever lose a file, you can always search for it by name.

Physical Storage Solutions

There are many homeschool hacks and classroom organizing tools available, but here are my frugal favorites:

What organizing tips do you have to help clean out the classroom clutter? Whether you are a homeschool mom or classroom teacher, we all deal with messes whether its paper, pencils, or programs. It’s time to get organized for a happy, stress free school day!


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