5 Easy Tips to Refresh your Homeschool Space

5 Easy Tips to Refresh your Homeschool Space

Tired of the same old boring appearance with your homeschool? Is it time to give it a fresh, new appearance without killing the budget after a long break? Try these 5 easy tips to refresh your homeschool space!

Sometimes we need to kick it up a notch with our homeschool or classroom space. Maybe our students seem to be disengaged, disinterested, or discouraged. Or, as teachers, we can get a bit frustrated with the lack of color, excitement, or aesthetic appeal in our high traffic area.

It’s time to rejuvenate our bland and boring homeschool. It’s also time to put a little pep in your step as you walk into your genius making space. That’s why making these 5 small changes is an affordable solution, giving you and your students a whole new outlook on education in a fun and inspiring way!

Bean Bag Chairs

Having the right set of furniture is important to encourage learning. If kids are uncomfortable, they may lose focus and may get the squirms and wiggles.  You might want to consider adding colorful Bean Bags to the decor!

Bean Bag chairs are naturally comfortable since they fit the contour of your position. They’re soft and attractive to kids, help promoting the learning process. Plus, they’re not stiff and hard like a typical school chair.

Having multi-sensory experiences keeps students active participants, especially for kids with special needs, including attention deficit disorders.Try these Bean Bag Chairs that come in different patterns and colors, are affordable, machine washable, and kid friendly!

Stability Balls

Sitting for long periods of time can get frustrating for kids, especially if they like to be active and engaged while learning. With a stability ball for kids, your child can stay active and participate in their education all at the same time!

You may consider using these exercise type balls as a station and rotate in groups with the bean bag chairs. That way, everyone gets a turn and keeps the kids connected and focused!

Large Area Rugs

Having a center where kids can sit and listen is another great tip to refresh your homeschool. Choosing a themed rug doesn’t have to be difficult, choose something that will encourage your children to run to the rug when it’s read aloud time!

There are a ton of large area rugs to choose from, but if your children are learning their ABCs, this ABC rug will teach and comfort your students.

Choose Bright Colors

Using bright colors promotes creativity and it’s inviting for kids. Teachers can add bright colors using fun chairs, wall decor, or area rugs. Try to keep with a color theme or using all colors of the rainbow. It would make a great learning tool reciting the colors of the amazing rainbow!

Get Kids Involved

Still stumped on what changes you can make to refresh and reboot the classroom? Get the kids involved in the decision making process! Not only will they give you great ideas, they’ll be proud of the choices and actively participate in all of the new decor! You’ll find kids love to help and giving them a hands-on experience is a huge part of the learning process.

Bringing new energy to your room with these easy ideas is a great habit for homeschool moms and teachers! Whether you make a few small fixes or revamp the entire room, either path will make a huge difference in your attitude and stamina! And, you’ll gain more connections, participation and energy in learning with all of your students.

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