Fine Motor Activities for May

Fine Motor Activities for May

If you are looking for ideas for your May Preschool Themes, today I have a great set of resources you can use to create many fun hands-on learning opportunities in your classroom. Our monthly fine motor activity packs have quickly become one of our best-selling resources for good reason! They are low-prep, interactive, simple, yet engaging activities that students of all ages are drawn to.

If you’ve missed any of the previous months, you can pick up the discounted Fine Motor Activity Bundle here. Here is a peek inside our May Fine Motor Activity Pack.

Seeds & Plants Fine Motor Printables

Our first theme for May is seeds and plants. Students work on a variety of different skill building exercises designed to create a thematic unit for your preschool classroom.

  • GEOBOARD: Students use rubberbands to create the pictures on a geoboard. Each sheet features a letter of the alphabet alongside a thematic picture.
  • MAZES: Students solve the mazes and follow the prompts. Each page features thematic mazes alongside a tracing activity or prompt.
  • PLAYDOUGH: Students use playdough to complete the prompts. Prompts require students to form and shape the dough to make pictures, solve problems, or complete the scene.

Spring Flowers Fine Motor Activities:

April showers bring May Flowers! After learning about seeds and plants, your classroom will be filled with flowers of all sorts!

  • TRACING: Students trace the pictures with colored pencils or fine tip markers. Each page features thematic content and prompts students to complete the pictures.
  • SNAP CUBE CREATIONS: Students use counting cubes to make thematic pictures These cubes can be snapped together. If you do not have cubes, students can color the squares in the grid to match the picture.
  • PUZZLE PICTURES: Students use puzzle blocks to create thematic pictures. These sheets feature thematic shapes and provide students with easy and more difficult patterns. A full-color example is available for easy reference.

Farm Animal Fine Motor Worksheets

After learning about all the new plant life that comes with spring, students will be thrilled to work on new farm life activities! This collection provides students with fun fine motor worksheets based on barns, and farm animals.

  • LISTENING SKILL SHEETS: Teachers will read the directions aloud and the student listens carefully to finish the task. Tasks involve fine motor elements, coloring, and prepositional positioning of drawings
  • CUISENAIRE™ ROD PICTURES: Students use colorful centimeter rods to build thematic pictures. Students are asked to color the rod key to show how many rods they used of each color.
  • BRICK BUILDERS: Students use classic building blocks to recreate these thematic pictures. Students work on storing, planning, and stacking before creating their final picture.

Mother’s Day Preschool Printables

Towards the end of May it’s time to celebrate our end of the year holidays; Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. With these printables activities, students will have a fun bouquet of tulips to give to Mom.

  • DOT & POKE: Students cut apart the halves. Students solve the dot to dot activities. Then, students use a push pin to poke a picture onto colored construction paper. See full instructions below.
  • CUT & SORT CROWNS: Each crown features a theme alongside a 4-step sequencing pattern. Students cut out the pictures and glue them in the correct order. Students write their name, color the pictures, then staple the sides to make a crown.
  • DAB & DOT: Students use daubers to dab by number in order to reveal the mystery picture. (Hold at a distance to help students see the pictures).

Memorial Day Fine Motor Worksheets

Finishing out our May themes is a collection of Memorial Day printables you can use to creat a patriotic unit in your classroom. Students can learn of the great sacrifice our men and women in uniform have made, and how we celebrate and thank the for their courage and bravery.

  • CUT & PASTE CRAFTIVITY: These crafty projects are perfect for little hands.Students color, glue, and cut to make fun, thematic pictures.Pair with a simple writing prompt or poem for extra learning!
  • POM PICTURES x 2: Students use pom-poms to complete the picture.For added difficulty have students use plastic tweezers to pick up the poms. Alternatively, students can glue poms to make these sheets into a simple craft project.

Our May Fine Motor Activity Pack is available as a single download, or part of our year-long Fine Motor Bundle here in our TPT store!


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