Hamburger Paragraph Chart


Learning the structure of a paragraph is an important step in the writing process.  Today I’ve got a Free Hamburger Paragraph Chart you can use in your classroom.  If you’ve never heard of this before, this is a fantastic resource for teaching young writers just exactly what they need to include inside a paragraph.  The visual of a hamburger shows them to include an Introduction, Detail, Detail, Detail and then a Conclusion.  I’ve also created a fun follow up worksheet for children to build their own hamburger paragraphs!


Free Hamburger Paragraph Classroom Chart

Free Hamburger Paragraph Worksheet

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As a homeschooling mother of four, I understand the need for children to build self-led learning skills and I’ve designed our step-by-step guides to encourage this development.  Each guide features five steps of instruction, explaining to the child what is required for that step, and what specific worksheets need to be completed. You can assign these steps to children simply by following a 5 day a week teaching schedule or by adding a due date next to each check box. Read more about our Step-by-Step process below, and view samples of our guides in our eStore.



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  • Yesenia Castillo Reply

    This an awesome visual aid! I have been working with my son on paragraph structure, and he hasn’t quite understood it, yet. I know this will be a great help. Thank you for sharing. :)

    May 2, 2016 at 9:20 am

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