Polar Bear Art Projects

Polar Bear Art Projects

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve already gotten a glimpse of these new art projects while they were in the works, but today I’ve finished the photo tutorials to show you how to make your own with your children.  These polar bear art projects are stunning and aren’t as difficult as they look.  I would recommend using these with late elementry or early middle school aged children…..but really you can adapt these for children of all ages and abilities.


Polar Bear Landscape Art Project

Based off the beautiful arctic landscape scenes by Ted Harrison, this project is fun for children of all ages and definitely adds a color pop to your classroom!



Polar Bear Paw Print Art Project

This stunning Arctic craft uses a bear paw print template.  Children use watercolor, ink and oil pastel to create a beautiful winter scene of a polar bear and her cub.

A harbor seal is depicted across the pads of the polar bears feet, foreshadowing the end of this Winter hunt.

IMG_385111 IMG_29583

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