Free Compound Words Learning Game

Free Compound Words Learning Game


If you have a child who is showing progress with their reading ability, you might want to spend a day or two teaching them some compound words.

Compound words are words that are made up of two other words that have been “compounded” together.

I have three boys so I like to tell my children that they are “pounded” together because what little boy doesn’t like the idea of pounding something together?

Anyway, I designed this game to be single or multiplayer.  Single players simple match up the words on the four different boards correctly.  Compound2

Multiplayer can be played by placing all words into a small container and drawing one at a time and looking for the needed word on your board.  There are four different boards making a total of 32 compound words for children to learn.



With younger children you could wait to cut the words completely apart, and first introduce them to the words:


The entire game is available in Black and White as well so those of you wanting to save on ink can print to your hearts content!

I’ve also included follow up worksheets for each word.  These are blank boards with lined paper for children to write in their words and can be used alongside or after the game.


Print our free Compound Words Game Here from our sister site File Folder Fun.

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