Christmas Cards Kids Can Make

Christmas Cards Kids Can Make


Children love to make gifts for friends and families at Christmastime.

Today I’ve created a simple art project for kids, that will provide them with stunning prints they can use to make Christmas cards or wrapping paper this year.



Printing Plates (or styrafoam tray….ask your butcher for extras)

Paint & Brush  (brayer if you have one)

Round Object to Trace

Paper and Pencil



First, find a round object to trace.  Use your pencil to press into the printing plate (styrafoam) so that your picture shows….don’t press too hard or you’ll go through to the back.

The circle will be your ornament, and the line will be the string.

Decorate your ornament with different designs.


Paint over your design, trying NOT to press large amounts of paint into the grooves of your design.  This is where a brayer comes in handy!


Turn your stamp over and press onto your paper.  Gently press all areas without wiggling it around :)

Ornament5Carefully remove your stamp and you’ll be left with a beautiful inking on your page. Allow the stamp to dry before trying other colors.

The printing plates are beautiful as well.  We always save ours for later use:

Tip: If you’re putting words on your ornament you’ll need to write the letters backwards.  You can write the word you want in marker on a piece of printer paper.  Turn the paper over and you can see through the paper how you should write your letters on your ornament.



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