Pine Cone Science Printables

Pine Cone Science Printables


With Fall right around the corner, I’ve been trying to come up with as many hands on science printables as possible! One thing there always seems to be an abundance of around our property is pine cones.  Pine Cones can be great learning tools in your classroom.

Pine Cone Science Printables  This set includes a Cut and Paste Worksheet, Chart and Blank Labeling Sheet, Notebooking and Coloring Page.  The pine cone clipart is also available for those of you who like to ake your own teaching resources, just be sure to read our terms of use first.

Learning Ideas: Start with a nature walk to collect pine cones, then take them back into the classroom.  Submerge pinecones in water to watch them close up.  Extract seeds from pine cones and then break open to look inside.

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