Writing Guides for Kids

Writing Guides for Kids

SamplerDo you have a child who struggles with writing?  Let me tell you that you are in good company!  As a child, I loved to write and often found that I couldn’t get my ideas down on paper fast enough. However, beyond that point I was scrambled.  I vividly recall feeling completely overwhelmed when faced with the daunting task of organizing, editing, and reworking my words into a properly formatted paper. The feelings of frustration ran deep, and as a homeschooling mother of four, I’ve seen this same frustration played out in the faces of my own children. This was the motivation behind the creation of our Step-by-Step Writing Guides. I designed this series to present children with an easy to follow yet structured plan that will guide them through the writing process with ease.

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ringspiralbinder_836x1155 (3)Writing a Research Paper

eBook PDF Format   33 pgs.

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Designed to take children through a step-by-step process, our writing guides feature simple instructions, fun characters, handy tools and easy tips that take the sting out of writing.  With Writing a Research Paper children will brainstorm, gather sources, research, take notes, organize information, create a bibliography and develop their final report.  Recommended for grades 2-4




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