Simple Notebooking Page

Simple Notebooking Page



Today I thought I’d share a simple Universal Notebooking Page

This is a single page that you can use over and over in your notebooking journals or as a simple follow up to a reading aassignment

I suggest you use this as a way to track some of your children’s more independent subjects, allowing them to complete this sheet daily and then reviewing verbally with them every so often.

This page includes space for:

Reading Record: This includes the book title, pages read, and the date.

Vocabulary and Spelling: Children write new words they learn in context, words they don’t know the meaning of,  or words they should add to their weekly spelling list.

Illustration: Children can draw from their daily reading, use this space to illustrate more difficult concepts, or print and paste a visual to go with their notes.

New Facts: This is a note taking section of the sheet.  Children write down key facts, story events, or things they found important from the reading.  I usually ask my children to include 3-5 facts.

Questions/Ideas/Connections: This is a place for children to write any thoughts, questions or ideas that come to mind after the days reading.  This is a great opportunity for you to review with them or encourage them to research to find the answers.


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