Taj Mahal Art Project

TajMahalPinThis Taj Mahal art project is a great way to introduce children to ink transfer using bleeding tissue paper.  This technique is not only fun, but results is stunning color combinations as the inks blend together.



Suggested Resources for a Unit Study:

India    India2  IndiaDrum   IndiaHenna

Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Print up the Taj Mahal Template and cut it out.

Step 2

Trace the Taj Mahal onto your paper with pencil.

Step 3

Color in the shape with white oil pastel. Leave some areas strategically blank.

Step 4

Cut your bleeding tissue paper into small squares. Or use a circle punch like we did.

Step 5

Using a bit of water begin to stick the bleeding tissue paper all around your Taj Mahal shape. Encourage children to choose either warm or cool colors for a sunset effect.

Step 6

Continue until your entire paper is covered. Let dry

Step 7

Choose the opposite colors to place over the Taj Mahal. The color will stick to areas that you missed with the white oil pastel. Let your tissue paper dry then peel it off.

Step 8

Use a black watercolor pencil or sharpie to outline the Taj Mahal

Step 9

Use your reference template as a guide.

Step 10

Add in some paisley designs with a sharipie if you like

Looking Good!

Take a wide look at your work and see if there is balance and harmony to your page...

All Done

These look amazing when mounted to black construction paper, or arranged on a bulletin board display.

New Graphic


  1. Love the Project. What type of paper as well as size was used besides the bleeding tissue. I didn’t see it under the materials list.

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