Zentangle Fall Leaf Art Project



Step 1

Draw in your zentangle designs. Choose a different design for each section, and try to fill in every other section or so, leaving space to color in later

Step 2

Using your Oil Pastels, begin to fill in the blank sections of your leaf. Start with two different hues of the same color.

Step 3

Add in different colors of yellow, brown green and red. You'll notice that I'm using the Red very sparingly, just to highlight certain edges of the leaves.

Step 4

When your leaf is completely filled in, you can stop here, or cut out and glue to black construction paper. If you have time you can paint a watercolor background to really make your colors pop

Step 5

I chose to start with a light purple background, using lots of water, and making circular strokes with my paintbrush I begin to fill in the background

Step 6

For each side and edge I chose a different color to blend into the purple. I used blue on the right side of the paper, pink in the top left corner, and orange in the bottom left. This is a great way to add some character to your background.

Step 7

I finished my background by taking a very light blue and filling in the remaining white on the left side of the leaf....sort of like a shadow.

All Done!

Your leaf is complete! Mount to black construction paper for an instant frame, or hang in the classroom,

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