Make a Pioneer Quilt Craft

QuiltPinWhat a great way to get some hands on quilts with small scraps of cloth. Even young children can help with the sewing process and they’ll be left with a lasting memory of their pioneer studies.


  • Feather
  • Ink
  • Scissors
  • Paper


Suggest Resources for a Unit Study:

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Art Project Tutorial:

Step 1

Look in your fabric scrap bag for materials that you can cut into square shapes to be used for the quilt. You can even find unusable clothing (with stains and rips or something) that still have a few squares that can be salvaged from them. Try the Free bins at Garage sales too!

Step 2

Once you have your fabrics, cut them into equal sized squares. We used 6 squares of fabric that measures 10 inches by 10 inches. We picked three blues, and three greens, but you can use any colors you like.

Step 3

Arrange your fabrics in the pattern you would like them to be. Since we had six, we just alternated the colors. Sew the squares together horizontally first, then vertically.

Step 4

We used a piece of scrap fleece we had left over from another project. We laid out the squares on top of the fleece and cut a piece to match the size. Then with right sides together we sewed around the edges leaving a small opening for turning.

Step 5

After turning the quilt back to the right sides, we stitched up the hole After turning the quilt back to the in the side.

All Done!

Snuggle in with your scrap quilt! Use it for one of your stuffed animals, dolls, or even baby brother!

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Sewing for the Birthday Boy!

Someone very special is turning 1 this month!
Someone cute, and adorable,
and someone who’s diaper I don’t have to change!

Someone who made me an Aunt for the very first time!
Someone who deserves an AMAZING 1st birthday gift,
(you know… remind him who his favorite Aunt is)

easy 15 minute drawstring bag mother huddle

I found (via Pinterest of course)
this wonderfully simple tutorial for making a drawstring bag.
I just had to make one!

…..with a little more color!

dr seuss fabric

For the outer fabric:Celebrate Seuss Squiggle Stripe Multi

dr. seuss fabric

And for the inner fabric:Celebrate Seuss Book Titles White

You can purchase these by the 1/2 yard at or by the yard on Amazon here.
(they have TONS of other Seussical prints too….be careful!)

I’m using a Fat Quarter of each.

As far as constructing the bag
I pretty much followed the tutorial here on Mother Huddle,
Since I was using a lining fabric, I just put them wrong sides together,
and followed the pattern step by step as if I was just working with on fabric.

Before I sewed up the sides of the bag,
I decided it would be fun to add in a little peek-a-boo window
(another idea spawned from Pinterest)

I just cut out a rectangle (through both fabrics)
and then used a plastic scrapbook page protector (both layers)
as the window.

Note: I have never done this before,
it sewed just fine, and makes a nice crinkly sound,
but it already has “folds” and “creases” in it.
I would suggest that you use a clear table cloth or something more sturdy.

However it was thin enough for me to use two layers
so I made it into a pocket and inserted some foam numbers
before sewing up the final edge.
(This is just a very tight zig-zag all the way around)

Then I decided to make a pocket from the scrap rectangle I just cut out.
I just ironed and folded the edges and then added a bit of bias tape across the top.
I also added ribbon to the sides (using this method)

At the end of the ribbons I wanted three little fishes:
So to make them I just drew a rough template, cut out a few sizes,
sewed them back to back with some chenille,
and made them “crinkly” by stuffing them with old
baby wipe packages. (tutorial here)

I love these little fishies!

Note: Button eyes would be super cute…
but I’m super paranoid and since it’s a gift I’m keeping it extra baby friendly!

Then I went back to following the tutorial.
I sewed up the sides, squared off the corners, and added the draw string.
(mine is actually a cord)

The bag was complete and ready to fill up with goodies:
Note: Those are just little plastic balls, like from the ball pit at Mickey D’s.
I have not idea why photoshop is turning them into crazy psychedelic orbs?

Anyway, I stuffed in an adorable Dr. Seuss baby book,
filled with interactive pages that squeek and rattle.

Some colorful balls, one for each color of the rainbow,
plus a super Seusical pink tuff ball

And then I finished it off with a set of dollar store preschool flashcards,
which I laminated and then tied together with a matching ribbon.
(they look so much more adorable this way, and baby can drool away!)

All packed up and ready to go!!

Sure wish I could “hand deliver” this one!

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The Stockings Were Hung….

Do you have a “Crafty” To-do list?

There are so many amazing projects out there,
that sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the inspiration.

Sometimes I’ll bookmark and idea, sometimes I’ll pin it on pinterest, and other times
I’ll just quitely mull over it in my head until the perfect moment.

For Years Lately, I’ve been mulling over two different projects that I’ve wanted to do:

These beautiful drop cloth stockings from Shanty 2 Chic:

And these precious children’s silhouette pilllows:

Well finally it struck me that I could turn these two projects into one!

So here’s how it all went down:

I used the same freezer paper stencil technique that I used for these baby onsies.
I’m using some cheepo painters drop cloth from Lowes,
and I simply traced our old stockings (plus one inch all the way around)

Once they were dry I started to sew them together.

I followed the tutorial on Shanty 2 Chic, and then added in my own embelishments for the heel and toe.

Ruffles for the girls:

And wool edging for the boys:

And buttons aplenty:

I Just LOVE how they turned out!

TIP: When you’re cutting out your freezer paper stencil, if you’re careful you can use the “negative” for another project.

I simply ironed them to the canvas, and painted around them.

I’m thinking of stretching this across a canvas for some family wall art!

Makes all that tedious cutting worth it!

Now, If I could just find the time to make a matching Tree Skirt!

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My First Jelly Roll!


I purchased my first Jelly Roll:

Isn’t it pretty:

Look at how perfect these colors will be for Fall:

I love these colors so much I WISH I was keeping them for myself:

But alas, I must part with them shortly….

Stay Tuned!

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Hand Sewn Baby Shoes


Oh, you guys are simply brilliant! I was hoping to have you fooled with the photo of the iPod, but you dear readers were not falling for my trickery!

Yes, they are baby shoes….totally stylin’ fabric baby shoes from a pattern I snagged over at

However I did make a few changes since I no longer have a newborn.

I made them to fit my 6 month old little guy, simply by expanding the pattern out on all sides about 1/3 of an inch, and an extra bit around the heel, and I also added about 1 inch in elastic.

(my little guy has fat wide short feet in case your wondering)

I loved this pattern because it is reversible, and I got to use different fabrics and colors for the shoes.

Another change I made, was that I top-stitched with a decorative stitch around the edge.

Personally, I like the look of this better, but if you do this be aware that your reversible side wont lay as flat (see left shoe in the photo)


Look, they’re even more adorable when they’re on baby feet!


These were SOOOOOO easy to make, like 10 minutes per shoe, and the pattern is quite simple to follow. I’ll be making these as a staple new baby gift for sure!


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Handmade Christmas




So SERIOUSLY, Unless you like Rotten Candy covered in dead ants and little fuzzballs


Here is an insane amount of blank space just to keep you honest………

Okay, For those of you who aren’t related to me here is a fantastic idea for a handmade christmas present this year. I found it over on Make it From Scratch, and I’m in love with this idea, because it fits my Top 3 requirements for Christmas presents:

#1, Simple
#2, Frugal
#3, Pretty

Trust me, once you see them, and how easy they are you’ll want to whip up a whole batch to give them as presents this year…..




And your sewing doesn’t even have to be perfect, it can be all crooked and still look cute:


PS: Here are some links to other Handmade Coasters!

Recycled Magazine Coasters
Criss Cross Coasters
Embellished Tile Coasters
Circular Coasters
Cocktail Coasters
Quilted Pinwheel Coasters

PPS: If you’re looking for a handmade gift you can give to your kiddos, check out this fantastic game of Family Yatzee, or this Dollar Store Frosty The Snowman Kit Totally cute!

PPSS: I totally have other relatives to “Make” for……need some ideas, what are you making this year?


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Pirates & Scallywags

I love to recycle old clothes… just makes me feel like a good steward of my money. So when Monkey started outgrowing clothing, I saved the ones that weren’t quite up to resale standards, and put them in my sewing stash.

And today, I got to take my first crack at Monkey Fashion Recycle:

THIS (a 50 cent onesie from a garage sale)

PLUS THIS: (a summer outfit he outgrew and it’s missing a button)

EQUALS THIS: Totally Rockin’ Pirate Outfit…

I used up some of the left over Pirate Fabric I had from Bubba’s Summertime shorts.

And Then of course it turned out so cute, that I just had to make a set of matching pants.

Wanna make you’re own?

Check out the amazing tutorial at Samster Mommy for the onesie and Balancing Everything for the pants.

Now all I need is a Pirate Hat!

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Needle Felted Baby Bib

Remember awhile back when I made this little leaf
using needle felting techniques?

Well, it’s been tucked away in a closet for 5 months,

Just waiting for the perfect opportunity to shine…..

What do you think?

Is this bib to “Girly” looking to put on Monkey?

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Patchwork Handbag

Here it is…..the post you’ve been waiting for

(I know I made you wait a long time to see it right ;)

I’m not one for drama.

I’m Soooo in love with this bag…..but I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.

It’s WAY to colorful for my wardrobe.
(I’ve had Brown, Black, and when I’m feeling very spicy….Beige handbags my entire life)

I just don’t know that I could “Sport” this around town.

Maybe as a Diaper Bag?

Even Hubby calls it a “Hippie” bag. I think it’s more Asian looking……?

What do you think?

By the way, for those of you interested in making your own Asian-Hippie bags, I got most of the fabric from Joann’s or Michael’s Craftstore, and the pattern is from Butterick

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My first adventure in applique.

I used this adorable pattern

I cut out left over fleece I had, and used some embroidery thread.

Then I stitched it all together

And sat back and admired my work

Now, Someone tell me how to wash this thing!

And while I’ve got you experts on the line…..

What is the best fabric to use?

How can I use just regular old cotton fabric without it Fraying?

What about just regular old craft felt?

I have so many questions……….and so little time!

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I soooo Don’t Have Time for This!

I don’t even have time to write about it.

So here is a bit of “Eye-Candy” of what I’ve been working on.

It’s my first time using “Blocks” to make a panel

I must say that I’m addicted.

Stay tuned for the final project photos…’s going to be super cute!

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Free Nursing Cover Pattern

I Did It!

I found a Pattern off the internet, (and successfully followed it)

And Made this.

Okay, I know it’s basically a rectangle with straps.

But these were very important straps….

Ones that required exact placement 1/4 of the way to the center….

And Boning and D Rings were involved….

(Don’t worry, I had never heard of them either)

Here is a close up of the “Peek-a-Boo” feature:

It’s extra stiff and makes a half moon, so you can see your child:

I’m so proud to have gotten it done.

Seriously, I put this on and I feel soooooo Chic.

Now I can look down on all the other Mom’s who are covering themselves with their children’s blankets.

That’s Soooooo 90’s.

(I’m totally kidding….seriously….read my post from yesterday)

I’ve never used an actual Nursing Cover before, so I’m really interested to see which is better.

Now, I’m off to find a pattern for making bibs…..

I so want something unique and fabulous for my little guy to puke all over.


Is this not adorable?

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Sewing Spring Flowers

Oh, I have to share!

I found the most amazing tutorial for making little fabric flowers.

You’re going to love these!

Seriously, they are so simple, my daughter made one!

We added a rubberband to the button loop, and now she has an amazing pony tail holder to match her Strawberry Shortcake outfit.

You can imagine how happy she is, not only to have a matching hairbow, but to be able to make them herself. (Okay, with a little help from Mom)

You can get all the instructions for making these wonderful bows from here, be sure and read the comments too, because I had a couple of questions that were answered there

If you make these you have to leave me the link so I can see them!

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Handmade Easter Baskets

I just found this amazingly simple tutorial for making you’re own felt Easter Baskets. I made a set for Sissy and Bubba in like 30 minutes, and I’m so excited to have something homemade that we can use for the years to come.

I just used a sheet of children’s craft felt (like you get in the kiddy craft isle at Walmart)

They’re small, but I think they’re just the right size for the amount of treats we give them anyway :) I think the’ll look even better when they’re filled up.

Instead of flowers like in the tutorial, I gave Sissy some butterflies,

and Bubba some palm trees. (Not very Eastery….but maybe he’ll remember the palm branches or something?)

Anyway, just thought I’d share in case anyone else is looking for some quick ways to add a little personality to their holiday traditions.

This might even be a project that I teach my daughter how to do, she just got a children’s sewing machine for her birthday…..Oh let the adventures begin!

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Spring Skirts

Somehow….(I have know idea how I actually ended up with the extra time)…I’ve managed to make Sissy a couple of Spring skirts she can wear this year. I’ve loved the idea of making clothing for her, ever since I realized that girls dresses and skirts can be somewhat short, and not at all appropriate for her age level.

And of course my Sissy is a string bean. Long legged, and skinny, so even the longer skirts look short on her,

….a frustrating fact as she grows older and moves into the “big-girl” section

….She’s leaving behind the modesty of a 5t world to enter the glitzy, glamour of a 6x life.

I swear….(yeah, I accidently do that sometimes too) I’m going to boycott every store that doesn’t offer at least one pair of pants without writing across the rear……(why anyone would want to draw attention the rear-end of a 5 year old is anybodies guess…..)

I’m really not that crazed about it, but seriously….at least to the knees people. They’re our children. Anyway, I got a bit off topic there didn’t I?

…sorry to take up half a page with my ranting, and raving when all you wanted to do was see the adorable photos I took of the skirts I made.

Please forgive me, here you are:

I’m really proud of myself……not to proud, because I made many mistakes along the way, there are lots of crazy stitches and loops popping out everywhere, and hopefully no one can notice them. But I finally feel like I’m on my way to clothing my family, and that is an accomplishment in itself.

Next Project: A Nursing Cover from a free pattern I found here. And since I finally get to work on a project for myself, I splurged on this beautiful fabric (SPLURGE = More then $3 a yard) and I can’t wait to get started…..Oh, I’m so afraid to cut.

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