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The Homeschool Budget

Do you have a homeschool budget?

Do you know what’s going out and what’s coming in?


Me neither.

And between all the Back-to-school supplies, Used-Curriculum sales and crazed Online ordering,
I am at a loss for what I actually spent on our Homeschool this year.

So in an effort to regain my sanity,
and in classic, “I should have done this FIRST” mode,
I have created a simple (and pretty) homeschool budget tracker.

Homeschool Budget Tracker

Nothing fancy.

Just a few places to keep track of what I spent for the year,
to help me plan for the following years.

It may look extra simple,
but over the past few years I’ve found that simple is good.

I even gave myself some simple rules for using this budget sheet.

Dear Self:

Rule #1: Don’t write down each and every individual item. Seriously, you have other things to do. You don’t want to give yourself a case of Budget Burnout like last year.

Rule #2: Don’t even separate things by subject, or child. Just keep your receipt and write down the dollar amount. Go for a general budget idea. Trust me, I know you.

Rule #3: Be proactive, write out a best guess at what you’ll spend beforehand. Come back and see how close to target you were. Give yourself a little incentive……Extra Homeschool dollars can be spent on coffee.

Rule #4 Tell the Truth. You know the difference between homeschool NEEDS and WANTS. You’ve got ZILLIONS of half used pencils. Reuse last years notebooks. Seriously. Get real girl and remember….coffee.

Rule #5: When you’re all done, look up the price of Private Education and pat yourself on the back. Job well done Momma!

What about you?
What Budget methods work for you?

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