Planned Project

Here are a couple photos of the current project I’m working on:

The Fabric:

The Sticks:

Anyone care to guess what I’ll be making?

Stay Tuned!

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Pretty Bird Fabric Two Ways

Do you ever just go the craft store when you don’t really need anything?

Yeah….me neither….I always need something.

Well this fabric was one of those, “I’m here for glue sticks, but oh…my, I must have this pretty thing, even if it sits in my closet for months collecting dust…..the kind of purchase you get even when you left your coupon at home…”

But since purchasing this fabric, I’ve been determined to find a good use for it (you know to ease my conscience and all) and I had just enough to use it on two different projects…..

Here was my first project:

A rolling bench seat that I picked up at a garage sale. Totally ugly, but I saw potential…plus I’ve never “reupholstered” anything before……

A look at the inside….

And here is how it looks after a bit of Rusteolum “Heirloom White”, some Sanding, and some fancy (glue gun) reupholstering:

Shanty right? I’m in love with it!

Then of course my second (what am I going to do with the rest of this expensive fabric) project:

Enter Tacky Art from Goodwill:

Actually, Ignore Tacky Art…Look at the pretty frame!:

Covering up the canvas with fabric (again using glue gun method):

And then hanging up in just the spot:

I’m not sure if I really saved any money with these two projects, but it was fun learning some new skills and having some custom pieces in my house!

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Spring Skirts

Somehow….(I have know idea how I actually ended up with the extra time)…I’ve managed to make Sissy a couple of Spring skirts she can wear this year. I’ve loved the idea of making clothing for her, ever since I realized that girls dresses and skirts can be somewhat short, and not at all appropriate for her age level.

And of course my Sissy is a string bean. Long legged, and skinny, so even the longer skirts look short on her,

….a frustrating fact as she grows older and moves into the “big-girl” section

….She’s leaving behind the modesty of a 5t world to enter the glitzy, glamour of a 6x life.

I swear….(yeah, I accidently do that sometimes too) I’m going to boycott every store that doesn’t offer at least one pair of pants without writing across the rear……(why anyone would want to draw attention the rear-end of a 5 year old is anybodies guess…..)

I’m really not that crazed about it, but seriously….at least to the knees people. They’re our children. Anyway, I got a bit off topic there didn’t I?

…sorry to take up half a page with my ranting, and raving when all you wanted to do was see the adorable photos I took of the skirts I made.

Please forgive me, here you are:

I’m really proud of myself……not to proud, because I made many mistakes along the way, there are lots of crazy stitches and loops popping out everywhere, and hopefully no one can notice them. But I finally feel like I’m on my way to clothing my family, and that is an accomplishment in itself.

Next Project: A Nursing Cover from a free pattern I found here. And since I finally get to work on a project for myself, I splurged on this beautiful fabric (SPLURGE = More then $3 a yard) and I can’t wait to get started…..Oh, I’m so afraid to cut.

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