Snail Hat

I’m so glad that I actually finished Monkey’s hat before the weather really gets cold. I don’t know how it started, but somehow it’s become tradition that instead of buying winter hats for the kids, I find some way to make them by hand. Most of the time that means I’m crocheting them, but more recently I’ve taken up knitting, and even a little felting.

So Since I missed out on all the baby knit patterns (because I was only crocheting when my oldest two were little) I’ve decided to try and knit Monkey his very first winter hat.

There are sooooo many different patterns online, and I narrowed it down to about 3 different ones that I thought were just adorable. There was this adorable Aviatrix hat, and then I found this Dinosaur Hat (which is freaking amazing…but I can’t imagine him in it quite so little), and then there was this Handsome Cabled Baby Hat (but seriously, like I have time for cables!)

In the end I chose this:

“The most adorable hat in the world hat”

Or you know, the “Snail Hat”


As you can see it’s a little big on him, but you know, I’m hoping it will stretch over his head long enough to get us through the end of May…you know when Oregon starts to show some signs of life again :)


One down, two more to go! If I had the time I would totally make Sissy and Bubba these adorable Fish Hats. Maybe when they’re older :)’

By the way….Check out my new favorite Knitting Website: it’s amazing! Now I’m off to decide how to store all my knitting needles….


New Graphic

Fall Fibers

Oh my goodness!

Fall is almost here

I have yet to start making the kiddo’s their Winter hats!

I’ve got the inspiration

I’ve got the yarn:

Now to find the time!

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