Mayflower Craft

mayflower craft

This is actually a craft we did a few years back, but I’ve finally put up a photo tutorial for how to make it. They turned out really colorful too, because this time we used paint instead of markers.

Additionally, I thought it might be fun to have children draw pictures of different items and resources that were aboard the Mayflower and put them into the pocket.

If you haven’t already noticed, for each craft I offer some “Discussion” ideas. (You’ll see them to the right of the “Materials” list) These discussion questions are meant to be things you can be thinking about and teaching on as you complete the craft. It’s my experience (what little of it that I have) that my kids are very receptive to information when it is paired with hands on activities, and they actually commit it to memory easier when we’re having fun learning about it. It’s also useful to have something tangible for the visual learner in all of us, and I think crafts are a great way to fill that need when they are paired with educational topics.

Blah Blah, right? You know, just in case you were wondering what all that discussion stuff was.


Here are the Photo Instructions

Mayflower crafts

I’ve paired this with the book, “If you sailed on the Mayflower” which has more then enough information to teach children all about the Separatists, and they’re journey to the New World, in search of religious freedoms.


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