Rainy Day Oregon Collage

Summer in Oregon can only mean one thing: Rain.

Lol, actually any season in Oregon can mean rain.

So instead of lounging on the beach, or frolicking in the sprinkler like the rest of the country today,

We spent the afternoon inside making some fun collages:

(Nah, Nah, Nah, NAH, Nah)

Paper was everywhere

Glue was everywhere

But I didn’t mind because Sissy and Bubba had a great time

(Like 2 hours great!)

And of course I had to turn it into a learning opportunity and I designed this fun Geography Craft:

geography crafts

The kids thought it turned out so great that they VOWED that their next collages they were going to make Oregon too.

So here is the basic tutorial

I’m thinking this would be a fun activity when you teach your children about the different land formations, or terrains of your state (or of the US), they could really have some fun with it.

Anyone else have an idea for how to teach with this?

New Graphic