Sewing Baby Boots

Recently I decided that I needed to make my little nephew something for Christmas.

I found these adorable baby boot patterns from a website called I Think Sew.

I’m in love.

It was hard to decide between all the adorable little booties they had,
but I finally settled on the “Charlie” pattern.

The Charlie patterns is usually $4.00,
but they are having a holiday sale until Jan 8, 2012
and you can get it for $2.00!!

The pattern was super easy to follow,
I didn’t even mess up once.
(That means easy peasy because I almost ALWAYS have to get out my seam ripper)

I love that for each age group there is a different pattern
(none of this “add an extra inch for a larger size stuff)

I made the 9-12 months size
and here’s how my little charlie boots turned out:

I used wool suiting for the outside,
and a plaid flannel for the inside.
I love that I can fold them down too!:

My favorite part was the little ribbon tag,
I think I’ll be adding a little checkered tag to everything from now on!

And best of all the bottoms have the No-slip grip fabric (Joann’s):

I can’t wait to see these on my little nephew.
With the way he grows I’ll be lucky if they still fit him by Christmas!

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Making Friends…

I know, I’ve been gone awhile….

Did you miss me?

Actually, I’ve been off making some NEW friends

(Don’t be jealous)

If fact, I’d like to introduce you to some of my newest playmates:

This is little Timmy

He is the adorable boy that caught my attention at the bookstore:

Timmy is a very sweet boy, and he offered to share his toys with me:

Then he showed me his Brand New playgroup shoes:

And this is Simon, he is still learning how to share:

I think we are all going to be great friends!

We can play together on the Playground

Explore the woods together:

And spend the rest of our time being silly and goofing off.

We’ll be spending quite a bit of time together over the next month,
so I might not have as much time to spend here with you,

but don’t worry we can all play together soon!


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Sewing Fall Skirts

I have been busy sewing this week.

(If you count ripping seams and restarting project mistakes as sewing)

I do.

And all the ripping and tearing has been worth it because Sissy now has THREE skirts that go past her little knobby knees.

First remember, this green flannel skirt with a zipper:

Lime Hunter Brushed Plaid

Second there was this disaster of a craft fail:

That I cut up, ripped apart and turned into this adorable skirt:

With matching Scarf and Headband no less:

And finally (my favorite one!!):

Owl Dot Print Courduroy
Sew Classic Courduroy

I used my ruffler foot to make the cute little ribbon for this skirt.

The bottom edge flairs out just a little bit…so cute!:

Course I had to make a matching scarf for this one too.

So glad to be done with Sissy’s stuff….now moving on to the Boys!

(btw: Scarves are super easy long rectangles with a fleece side and a courderoy side!! The headbands are from a free online pattern (which I can’t find) but do a search and you’ll find a zillion ways to make them! These are a great way to use up scraps and get a polished “Gymboree” look!)

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My First Jelly Roll!


I purchased my first Jelly Roll:

Isn’t it pretty:

Look at how perfect these colors will be for Fall:

I love these colors so much I WISH I was keeping them for myself:

But alas, I must part with them shortly….

Stay Tuned!

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Not Gone, Just Busy Crafting!

Really, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…I’ve just been really busy crafting.

I can’t say that I’m sorry.

Cause it wouldn’t be the truth.

But here are some photos of what I’ve been making & revamping:

A Croched Necklace, thanks to this website…

Another Crocheted Necklace, thanks to another website…

A Yo-Yo-Necklace with a Big Ole’ Bead:

A little shabby frame…still looking for a photo…

A Sunburst in the middle of Winter…

A little birdhouse waiting patiently for Spring…

And some Valentine Hearts…not yet finished..

See, I wasn’t ignoring you….I was just Craft Binging and I couldn’t be bothered.

I know I’m not the only one, who discovers a new craft and can’t STOP themselves from splurging every available penny at the thrift store in search of crafty treasures.

Speak Up now, or forever hold your guilt peace…..


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Hand Sewn Baby Shoes


Oh, you guys are simply brilliant! I was hoping to have you fooled with the photo of the iPod, but you dear readers were not falling for my trickery!

Yes, they are baby shoes….totally stylin’ fabric baby shoes from a pattern I snagged over at

However I did make a few changes since I no longer have a newborn.

I made them to fit my 6 month old little guy, simply by expanding the pattern out on all sides about 1/3 of an inch, and an extra bit around the heel, and I also added about 1 inch in elastic.

(my little guy has fat wide short feet in case your wondering)

I loved this pattern because it is reversible, and I got to use different fabrics and colors for the shoes.

Another change I made, was that I top-stitched with a decorative stitch around the edge.

Personally, I like the look of this better, but if you do this be aware that your reversible side wont lay as flat (see left shoe in the photo)


Look, they’re even more adorable when they’re on baby feet!


These were SOOOOOO easy to make, like 10 minutes per shoe, and the pattern is quite simple to follow. I’ll be making these as a staple new baby gift for sure!


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Dollar Store Chic

Step 1: Rusteolem American Accents Spray Paint (Antique White)
Step 2: Dry
Step 3: Ralph Lauren Glaze (Smokey)
Step 4: Dry.
Remember this little guy?….BEFORE:


I love how the glaze just files in the cracks and grooves of anything it touches! So easy!


Thanks to Shanty2Chic for my new favorite way to turn junk into treasure.

Here are some other things I’ve been “Shantifying” both of them I snagged at the Dollar Tree when they were having their Christmas Clearance.

Before: Tacky Styrafoam Wall Hangings $1.50 for all three.


After: Beautiful “Plaster” looking Wall Hangings

Before: 6 pack of gold candy cane ornaments $1.00


So this was how my kitchen shelf was decorated for….well, all of three days before I took it down and packed it up for the year……I can’t wait to enjoy it longer next Christmas!

Yeah, and I’m on a horrible Shanty-Binge, here is my next target…the old end-table in our bedroom.

Stay Tuned!



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Shanty Pantry

Last week I stumbled upon this site: Shanty 2 Chic

As if I didn’t have enough excuses to go to the craft store.

Sheeseh, I’ve got a list the size of my oldest child, filled with all sorts of things I want to pick up from Home Depot, Goodwill, Michael’s, Joanns….ect.

I think it’s becoming a bit of an obsession.

Well, today I got me some of these….

Needless to say, I’ve been wandering around the house just looking for something to Shanty up a bit.
(or is it the other way around? I’m not quite sure what Shanty means exactly?)


I even Big Mac even brought down my Altered Art box….

(Which is just a Junk-Filled Rubbermaid that I keep in my garage in the hopes of one day turning into fantastic, whimsical little treasures…….I open it about once a month to throw in little bits of things I pick up….I can’t remember the last time I actually took anything out.)

(Anyone else have a box like this?)

Well, Now, with everything I’m learning I’m going to have to start my own:
“Shanty Box.”

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

I’m sure Big Mac will be thrilled to know that it’s just another rubbermaid to hoist over his head and stuff somewhere in the garage.
(and not anything otherwise interesting as it might sound)

Poor Guy. Living in the shadows of a craft addiction.


Anyway, I think I found my first victim.

The lamp not the hubby.

I’m sure I could spray Big Mac down a bit too,
but the sandpaper might be a bit much…..

Think I’ll keep him as he is.

Now…..I’m OFF to find a “Well Ventilated Area?” …..

How important is that anyway?


PS: Yes the fish are still alive in that murky mess, I’m sure a certain someone will clean it soon
If NOT, Nature will inevitably takes it’s course……….

Horrible Parenting skills right?

What would you do?

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A Hat & Some Fabric

Sorry, I know that’s not the most creative title for a blog post, but it pretty much sums up what this post is all about:

I finished Sissy’s Hat:

And I got some Pretty Fabric:

I’m pretty happy with all of it :)

Actually, I wish I had more of the fabric, but there were only 2 Fat Quarters of it left… what can I make with 2 Fat Quarters?


New Graphic

Snarky Sharky Hat

The Photo’s speak for themselves really!
I got the pattern here from knitting ninja!



DISCLAIMER: Keep yer’ eye on this one! I turned for all of a minute and I had to pry ’em off my wee’ one, so watch yer’ bay-bee round this fella’.


I’m soo excited to have finished this one!
Two winter hats down, one to go….


and I’ve got the perfect yarn for her!


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Handmade Ugly Doll

So someone in our house is turning 4 soon, and I thought what better way to celebrate then to give the gift of ugly.


Ugly Doll that is.

I have no idea why these ugly dolls are so cute, but the ones in the store are soooo expensive. I just can’t fork over that kind of money for a doll that will most likely have a hole in it by next week.

So I decided to make my own, and I took photos of how I did it in case you want to make one to!

Total Cost: About $4.00

I used Fleece Scraps, Black Thread, Stuffing, And a Button

Print up an image of the ugly doll you want to make:

Cut out two shapes for your pattern

Sew your shapes right sides together, leaving a small hole for turning. Turn to right side.

Use Embroidery Thread, fleece scraps, and a button to make the face

Stuff and Sew!

All Done!

By the way this would make a fantastic First Sewing project for children, because really….you just can’t mess up….the uglier the better!

And if you’re looking for more beginning sewing for kids, check out this blog Sewing Projects for Kids, there are some adorable ideas over there to…..I’m dying to make the owl!


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I drew a winner for the knitting needles today, and it was comment #5 Jolanthe! who said:

“LOVE the knitting needle bag. I bought a bunch of fabric to make a crayon caddy for each of the kids similar to that…and have yet to make them. I should realllllllly work on that.

Meanwhile, throw my name in the hat for those needles. I don’t knit {YET}, but this would be the perfect excuse to re-teach myself and my girls, right?”

So congratulations Jolanthe! We expect to see some new knitting projects soon ;)

And speaking of new knitting projects, here’s what is currently on my needles….any guesses as to what it is?


I’m not going to tell you untill it’s finished, that way if it turns out completely horrible, I can pretend it never happened! Stay tuned!


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Cheap-o Shic-o

So I have been wanting to make these FOR-EV-ER, ever since they were featured on Dollar Store Crafts (Did I mention I love that site?).

The frames have been sitting in my closet waiting for the perfect opportunity to shine….and finally the right moment has come upon us:

Grandma’s 90th Birthday

Soon my Grandma will be celebrating her birthday, and it will be her first birthday since she’s moved into an assisted living center.

I just know these pictures are going to go perfectly with her decor!

This one is my favorite…maybe I’ll keep it?

And this one turned out neat too! I just cut it from the cover page of my paper stack (which is Martha Stewart’s Golden Woodland Pad (Walmart last year)

The best thing about these is that they are Super Duper Cheap to make. (And you can’t even tell)

Check out Tea Rose Home for the tutorial on how to make them. The only difference with what I did was that I used scrapbooking paper instead….because that’s what I had, but the Fabric ones are beautiful too, and I’m sure have a wonderful texture!

New Graphic


My first adventure in applique.

I used this adorable pattern

I cut out left over fleece I had, and used some embroidery thread.

Then I stitched it all together

And sat back and admired my work

Now, Someone tell me how to wash this thing!

And while I’ve got you experts on the line…..

What is the best fabric to use?

How can I use just regular old cotton fabric without it Fraying?

What about just regular old craft felt?

I have so many questions……….and so little time!

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