Inspiration Station Giveaway

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. We have a winner:

Comment # 206 was Jacque who said, “We do lots of crafts, including painting and drawing.”

Congratulations Jacque, you’ll have a Summer filled with fun arts and crafting!

And don’t worry if you didn’t win, the SALE continues!
Snag the entire set of 12 DVD’s for $31.96

Original post follows:

Today we have a special giveaway,
courtesy of Hearts at Home Curriculum!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their HUGE Summer Sale where you can score 30% off thousands of popular items such as: Apologia, Christian Liberty Press, Mystery of History, and tons more! (Sale ends July 31st)

Here is a list of ALL the publishers included in the 30% off sale!

One of the products Hearts at Home has at an AMAZING price right now,
is this set of Art Instruction DVD’s by Mike’s Inspiration Station.

In fact, it’s a BOGO offer.
That’s Buy One Get One…

Which means that when you purchase DVD Set 1 you’ll get the DVD Set 2 for FREE!

A little about the DVD series:

Geared toward ages 8-12, the series encourages kids to craft right along with host Michael Cariglio and his biblical buddy, Booker T Bible, a talking, animated Bible who offers creative inspiration with Scripture references. Let Mike’s Inspiration Station inspire your child’s creativity and get some fun art project ideas and fridge art in the process!

Here’s what’s included in each of the volumes:

Mike’s Inspiration Station DVD Set Volume 1 (DVD’s 1-6)
$39.99 $31.96

“Drawing Cartoons,”
“Making Watercolor Paintings,”
“Let’s Draw a Dinosaur.”
“Creating Pastel Art”
“Let’s Draw a Cute Turtle.”
“Light and Shading”
“Let’s Draw a Funny Moon.”
“Let’s Draw a Joyful Heart”
“Let’s Draw Goliath.”
“Making Clothespin Puppets”
“Fun Fridge Art”
“Flower Pot Pals”
“Sculpt a Cute Dog.”

Mike’s Inspiration Station DVD Set Volume 2 (DVD’s 7-12)
$39.99Free with Volume 1 Purchase

“Fun Fish Projects”
“Creating Fun Clouds.”
“Drawing Noah’s Ark”
“Drawing a Shepherd and His Sheep.”
“Making a Clay Easter Bunny”
“Drawing Jonah and the Whale.”
“Drawing Laughter”
“Drawing Love.”
“Drawing Animal Cartoons Using Numbers”
“Drawing a Bluebird,”
“Fun Christmas Projects,”
“All about Colors.”

For those of you keeping track,
that’s 26 instructional art projects on 12 DVD’s
for $31.96.

Doesn’t get much better then that folks!

Actually, for you it just might……
because Hearts at Home is going to give one lucky reader
BOTH sets of these DVD’s!

Yippee! Thanks Hearts at Home!

So ready to win?

Here’s how to enter:
1) Tell me how you incorporated (or *gasp* didn’t incorporate) art into your homeschool routine this year. Your comment will count as your first entry.

Optional Entries:

2) Hop over to Hearts at Home Curriculum, check out their Summer Sale and let me know which VENDOR you’re happy to see! Leave me a comment as your entry.

3) Tweet, Facebook, PIN, BLOG about this giveaway (and comment letting me know, give yourself one comment for each time you shared)

Homeschool Art DVD Giveaway!!
#homeschool @CraftyClassroom

Giveaway ends on Friday June 15 at midnight Pacific.
Winner will be drawn at random and this post will be updated.

Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Hearts at Home Curriculum is a Christian homeschool family business. They are regular sponsors here and often provide free product for giveaway purposes. We personally shop their amazing sales, and all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors!

New Graphic

Not-Back-to-School: Curriculum Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Today I’m joining up with the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop
in order to share what we’ll be using in our classroom for the upcoming
2011-2012 school year.

I will be homeschooling a 3rd Grader, and a First Grader next year,
and I’m going to do my best to OVERLAP learning where ever possible.

In order to prepare for our school year I’ve come up with a basic
outline of the different tasks I want my children to complete.

This here outline will pretty much serve as our
entire schedule for the WHOLE year.

Once it’s finished I’m just going to make myself
a weekly calendar and then I plan to
simply fly by the seat of my pants.
(I think that’s a type of homeschooling…right?)

Also….as a disclaimer:
This isn’t complete
So if there are blanks or spaces in my outline it’s not a mistake
I just haven’t gotten there yet,
but I really, really wanted to join up in the blog hop,
so I’m posting now even though
there is still work to be done.

And really is a homeschool Mom’s work ever finished…?

Okay, disclaimer over
On to the fun stuff:

Bible Study

• Identify biblical character qualities
• Memorize Scripture: 36 verses
• Memorize Entire Awana book

• Seeds Family Worship Music w/Bible Printables
• We Choose Virtues (Review Coming Soon!)
• Awana Program
• Homeschool Creations Printables
• Printable Memory Chart
• Lessons in Righteousness

In Action: (Listen to Song each day, Virtue Stickers each day)
Day 1: Seeds Full Verse, Awana Verse, New Virtue
Day 2: Seeds Minibooks, Discuss trait/promise, Awana Verse, Virtue Game
Day 3: Seeds Copywork, Children say Awana Verse to Leader, Virtue
Day 4: New Awana Verse, Look up in Bible, Virtue
Day 5: Memory Chart Day, Sticker, bonus for last week

Reading/Language Arts

• Expand Vocabulary
• Expand Comprehension
• Expand Spelling List
• Christian Light Reader Grade 1 & Workbook
• Christian Light Reader Grade 3 & Workbook
• Dynamic Literacy

In Action: Children will have 1 week to complete each CL lesson. They can work at their own pace and will be responsible for making sure their work is completed by Friday.
Day 1: DL
Day 2: DL
Day 3: DL
Day 4: DL
Day 5: DL


• Write at Third Grade Level
• Expand Vocabulary
• Learn Self-Check Methods
• Produce variety of papers
• Keep a basic daily writing journal

• Write Source
• Writing Guides (I’ll be posting these as I make and use them)
• Hmmmm….Should I purchase an actual Writing Program?

In Action:
Each week Sissy will complete one paper, Each week Bubba will complete a writing project.
Day 1: Topic Choice, Brainstorming
Day 2: Details, Outline
Day 3: Rough Draft
Day 4: Revision
Day 5: Final Draft, Written or Typed.


• Proficiency with Multiplication & Skip Counting Facts 1-12.
• Prepare for 3rd Grade State Math Test, Meet all marks.

• Math-U-See (Beta & Delta)
• Various Math Workbooks (Singapore Mental Math, Coordinate Graphing,
• Multiplication Pocket Folder (I might make a Division one too!)

In Action: Hmmm….better get to planning!
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:

Foreign Language

• Successfully complete 1 year in Spanish

• Speekee Spanish w/Homeschool Curriculum
• Spanish Co-op 1x/week
• Spanish Workbook Level 1 & Level 2
• Library w/Spanish reading material

In Action:
Day 1: Speekee, Workbook
Day 2: Workbook
Day 3: Speekee, Workbook
Day 4: Workbook
Day 5: Co-op


• 50 States w/Capitals and Locations
• Oregon State History, Industry, General Statistics

• States Song (Both my children have almost got this song down!!)
• Sequence States & Capitols
• Scrambled States Game (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game!)
• Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler
• USA File Folder Game
• USA Atlas
• USA Map
• Stack the States iPhone Ap
• Oregon State Mini-Lapbook

In Action: (New State every week)
Day 1: Song, Map State, Nickname
Day 2: Song, State Flashcard, State Facts
Day 3: Song, Coloring Page, State Abbreviation
Day 4: Song, Map State on own, w/Capitol
Day 5: Song, State Flag added to “Passport”


• Increase WPM typing skills
• Learn basics of MS Word, Type up Writing Project
• Learn basics of Power Point, Create Presentation
• Learn basics of Photoshop, Create Custom Graphic
• Demonstrate Online Skills in Researching Topics
• Navigate Online Library
• Use CPU for Reference tools (dictionary, calculator)
• Understand Online safety rules.

• Typing Instructor for Kids
• Photoshop
• Power Point/MS Word & Online Tutorials for Kids
• Library

In Action:
Day 1: Typing
Day 2: Software (PP, Word, PS, or….)
Day 3: Typing
Day 4: Software (PP, Word, PS, or….)
Day 5: Typing


• Begin to Learn Biblical History
• Create Visual Timeline book
• Expand American History (Unit Study Native Americans)
• Learn State History
• Mystery of History (36 weeks)
• Blank Timeline Printables
• Library System

In Action:
Day 1: Lesson & Activity
Day 2: Lesson & Activity
Day 3: Lesson & Activity
Day 4: Review & Timeline
Day 5: Review & Quiz


• Learn the scientific method
• Complete Science Projects (Hands on)
• End Year with Science Presentation w/Oral Report

• Hmmmm….You’re thoughts? I’m trying to decide between Truth in Science & Apologia!

In Action:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:

Physical Education / Health

• Play one team sport per season.
• Show and understand sportsmanship

• P.E. Co-Op
• Community Sports
• P.E. Co-Op

In Action:
Day 1: Nutrition Lesson, Team Sport Activity
Day 2: P.E. Co-op
Day 3: Nutrition Lesson, Team Sport Activity
Day 4: P.E Co-op
Day 5: Free Play

Homemaking for Sissy

• Learn to cook 3 different meals
• Learn 5 different embroidery stitches
• Expand knitting, sewing, skills (Sissy)
• Earn 5 badges in Club

• Club
• Sewing for Kids
• Recipes for Kids

In Action:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5: Project Free Time

Leadership for Bubba

• Learn to cook 3 different meals
• Identify 10 different tools and their use
• Learn to hammer, screw, sand, and bond wood.
• Complete Little Contenders of the Faith Workbook

• Little Contenders of Faith

In Action:
Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3: Contender Project
Day 4:
Day 5: Skills Project followed by Free Time

Okay, so there it all is!
Now I’m off to explore all the other great Week One entries at the blog hop,
I’m sure I’ll have my blanks filled in in no time!

New Graphic

Making Paper Pulp

bible crafts

This week we made some Paper Pulp to use for an
upcoming bible lesson on Preschool Post.

While I’ve made handmade paper before, this is my first time simply using the clumpy pulp to make different shapes of very thick paper.

paper pulp

It took a while to dry, and because you don’t “flatten” it with anything,
the surface remains bumpy and textured.


Which is kinda cool.

This is a fantastic way for young children to take part in paper making crafts.

I put up a tutorial for how to make paper pulp on the main site,

And I’m just putting the finishing touches on the rest of our “Be Responsible” bible lesson so stay tuned for that!

New Graphic

Multiplication Pocket Folder

We are all about Multiplication Facts around here lately
(Did you see our Math Keys)
(And our File Folder Games)

Well, I’m pulling out all the stops trying to get these important facts into my children’s heads.
Sometimes adding a bit of color….and incentive….helps!
So today I made the children a Multiplication Pocket Folder:

It’s really just a fancy way to store our multiplication flash cards
(we’re upgrading from ziploc baggies)

But the important part is the Multiplication chart on the front:

Everytime Sissy can get through a set of math facts she’ll get a sticker.
Ten stickers equals a small treat.
Each day she can earn up to 12 stickers
One for each digit….and no more.
(Ahhh……now you see my genius)

And if you want to make your own,
I’ve uploaded instructions, templates and printables for you too!

New Graphic

CurrClick Giveaway!

This Giveaway is Now Closed

We Have a winner!

Comment #198: Canaan Herkamp who said, “My 2011 resolution for homeschooling is to be more consistent.”

Congratulations Cannan!

And Don’t forget
You can use your CurrClick Coupon Codes until April 30th, so write them down!

40% off ABC Fun & 1-2-3 by Shirley’s Preschool Activities
using the code ccblogspa.

25% off any product by The SMARTSeeds Company
using the code ccblogsmartseeds.

Original Post follows:

We are officially ending the first month of the new year!

You know what that means right?

It means that we’ve all had at least 30 days to test out our New Years Resolutions!

So how’s it going for you?

Are you cruising along a steady pace?

Are you slowly puttering out?

Or are you starting to realize your headed in the wrong direction?



Well more on that later….

But lets just say that we took a big “Homeschool Step”

At this point it is still undetermined whether this was

A Forward step,

Or a Backward step,

Or perhaps even a Sideways step.

But undoubtedly a Step was made.

And we’re rolling with it.

I will say that Part of that step involves the choosing of new curriculum.

(I can hear your shock through the speakers on my computer)

Shhhh….Calm down. I know you think I’ve got it all figured out.

But I don’t. Not even close.

Because seriously?

What kind of a teacher changes their entire way of homeschooling in the middle of the year?

Especially without a new way of homeschooling to replace the old one.

Perhaps, when something isn’t working you just have to throw it out before you contaminate the baby with
the dirty bath water.

Or something like that? Hmmm.

You’ll have to forgive me, I’m a bit sleep deprived.

(nursing will do that to you)

(So will nursing while shopping for homeschool curriculum.)

Lately because of said STEP, I’ve been spending the wee hours of the night over here. And here and here.

But mostly my time has been spent HERE:


Because I love INSTANT gratification.

Yup. I’m American, what can I say.

I love that I can click “Buy” and I have my children’s lessons printed up and in my hand within the hour. I love that I can print multiple copies for both my children, and that I can save the downloads for my two babies should I still have my wits about me and decide to homeschool them too.

The only bad thing that I could ever say about this site is that some materials are so colorful that it would be easier for me to just go purchase a full color workbook from the nearest teacher store instead.

Well, apparently I’m not the only one in the world….Ahem… who thought that
because CurrClick is now in the process of adding PRINTED materials to their website

Really Cool right?

I think this idea ranks right up there with their earlier addition of Live Classes!

CurrClick just keeps getting better and better!

And this week it’s better for you!

Because after reading that enormously long introduction,
You are now at the part where you get to win something!


Just look at all the goodies that we get to give away:

Currclick has graciously offered to give away some really neat products!

Simply Music Live Class Camp by Natural Notes

My ABC Scrapbook by 212 Mom

Fuzzle Family Felt by Gentle Shepherd

Winner’s Choice of any product by Brandenburg Studies

On top of that here are some fantastic discounts on some of your favorite publishers:

40% off ABC Fun & 1-2-3 by Shirley’s Preschool Activities
using the code ccblogspa.

25% off any product by The SMARTSeeds Company
using the code ccblogsmartseeds.

To use the special discount codes:
During the checkout process, select your payment method and enter the code into the section titled “Enter Coupon/Gift Certificate Code”. Please note that the codes are case sensitive and are valid until April 30, 2011.

So Ready to Win? Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave me a comment below with your 2011 Homeschool Resolution!
2. Like The Crafty Classroom on Facebook.
3. Follow The Crafty Classroom on Twitter.

Leave a separate comment for each entry, winner will be chosen at random!

The giveaway will be open until Friday February 4, 2010.

New Graphic

Inuksuk Craft

Cardboard + Rocks + Glue =

inuksuk craft lesson


Wondering what that means? Here’s a video….don’t feel bad for clicking it, I didn’t know either.

If anything you’ll at least learn how to pronounce it.

Here’s a few helpful books with some fantastic photos too:

inuksuk lesson children

inuksuk craft

Going for extra credit? Check it out….an Inuksuk on the 2010 Winter Olympics….

some discussion questions and some helpful links and ideas too!

inuksuk craft

These would look fantastic framed in black don’t you think?

New Graphic

Puffy Polar Bear

We’re starting up our Homechool year learning about the Inuit tribes of North America!

My kiddos have been so excited to learn about the Eskimos, and all the amazing creatures of the arctic.

inuit crafts

We’re using Evan-Moor History Pockets as a basic guide for our studies on Native Americans

inuit crafts, eskimo, arctic animals

As well as Draw, Write, Now Book 4 (Animals of the Arctic)

snow bear

And of course a slew of library books (Click Here for our picks)

We’ve already kicked off our year of learning so we’ve got some great projects to share with you!

Starting off with these fun Puffy Polar Bears:

polar bear craft

We’ve even included a recipe for making your own Puffy Paint, and Texture Paint here!!

Very Simple, but quite beautiful results!

Stay tuned for more Arctic Fun!!!

eskimo file folder game

(Psst….You did see our adorable Eskimo File Folder Game didn’t you?)

New Graphic

She Sells Seashells….

….by the seashore:

seashell craft

Yeah….not the beach….but even better cause I didn’t have to deal with sand stuck in their every nook and cranny!

The kids had a great time making signs, and pricing their goods:
homeschool bible crafts

sea shell craft

They didn’t even know they were learning:
homeschool crafts

It was the perfect day at the beach.

Click here for fun ways to learn using seashells!


New Graphic

Make Your Own Fossils

We’ve been slowly fazing in some Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils to our science lessons, and this was one of the activities that we just had to do!

fossil crafts is a super simple way for children to make their own fossils.

I had no idea that Plaster of Paris could be so easy to work with!

(I had envisions of cement mixers, inhaling nasty white powder, and crusty rock formations on my best spatula)

However with a little prep work, None of that occurred, and we had a fantastic time making fossils!

And apparently our excavation site was somewhere in the Asian territory of a remote place called “ANIHC”

fossil crafts

Too Cute Right?

Click Here for full Photo Instructions!


New Graphic

NEW! Family Math, Art, Geography, & Science Curriculum…..


Recently my 4 year old son (Bubba) has been showing interest and readiness to learn at a higher level then I’ve been presenting to him. I’m really excited to see the changes over the past few months:

He will sit for extended periods of time
He can hold a pencil the correct way most of the time without help
He knows his letters and the sounds they make
He is writing his name and other short words
He is beginning to recognize common words (Thanks Starfall!)
He is showing an interest in having “HIS OWN” school books (instead of sharing with Sissy)

I’m really excited because he has been such an “Energetic” little scout, and it’s been really hard to even attempt to lead any type of learning experience that required “FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS”


But I see that we are coming around the bend, and my little Preschooler just might be ready for some more one-on-one instructional learning.

Thus, I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks RE-Arranging my LIFE Homeschool schedule to fit him in a bit more, and of course researching curriculum choices that I could use for both children. I haven’t got it all just perfect yet (do we ever) but here are a couple of new additions to our Homeschool Curriculum that I wanted to share:


The Complete Book of Science:

I love this book not only because it is in full color (total score for entertainment factor) but it has 12 different sections that provide hands on learning alongside worksheets and reproducible charts and diagrams. One of the first topics we started with this book was “Our Human Body” and we made these life size representations of our organs, bones, and muscles. You can imagine that both kiddos were giggly excited to do this. (Now, we’re learning about Rocks and Minerals) You can read sample pages here….




Family Math:

I saw this book at a thrift store (after I read that a friend picked it up at a thrift store) and decided to give it a shot. I mean $2 is worth a shot right? Totally worth it. I love this book already, it has transformed Math time at our house in a matter of days. Both of my kids love the hands on activities, and they love learning alongside eachother when an activity fits both their ability levels. The best part about this book is that it tells you very clearly, what ages each activity is for, and then it has pictures and additional ideas for how to explore the concepts with each child. Here is Bubba playing one of the sorting and counting games:




Teaching Children ART:

Okay, I know…we don’t really need books to teach children art do we? Aside from subscribing to Art Projects for Kids, I’ve been using this book to make sure that the kiddos recieve some sort of formal traning on Art (you know like color theory and all that technical stuff) So far we’ve done a couple of lessons as a family, and both children have been very interested. Here are some photos of them learning about line (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal)



Little Passports

And for Geography…..Did you see? I won the 6 month Subscription to Little Passports, and should be receiving some fantastic learning materials soon! I can’t wait, so stay tuned for photos of those!

I’ve added all of our new books and resources to our Homeschool Curriculum page, in case you’re interested in what we’re using for the other topics too!


New Graphic

Horned Owl Craft

horned owl craft for kids

This little guy sure has an expression doesn’t he?

He looks a bit Twitterpaited if you ask me. (That term from Bambi might have a whole new meaning now that Twitter is so popular!)

The belly of this little guy provides some white space for children to write in key facts or even some poetry about owls!

Here’s the Photo instructions and Templates you need to make this!

All Other Owl Crafts are Here

owl valentine printables
PSSST: Check out these adorable Valentine Owls on our Sister Site!

New Graphic

Valentine’s Day Cards



New Graphic

Homeschool Tools: Texture Squares

I’ve started a new tab on our main site called Homeschool Tools!

I hope to be able to post some of the different tools we use in our homeschool, nothing to fancy but maybe it will inspire you to get crafty in your own classroom!

Last week I posted the Base 10 Bean Counters,
and this week I’m showing off these colorful Texture Squares:

texture squares

I’ve been saving every little bit and scrap from all my sewing projects in hopes of making something like this for a long time. (hence the large pile of fabric…I might have overdone it a bit..)

Not all the fabrics have a defining texture, some I chose because of the color patterns, but it makes a great matching game, especially one to store in your purse for the long wait times at the Doctor’s office.

(Did I mention we’re on Ear Infection number 7 for the year? Same kid, same ear….what gives?)

Anyway, I put up more photos with instructions, including the sizes that I used on our main site.

I’d love to see any homemade matching games you’ve made with your children! Drop me a link below if you’ve done a similar project!


New Graphic

Japanese Koi Noburi (Carp Kite)

Japanese Craft Carp Kite

Are these not the most beautiful little Koi Kites you’ve ever seen?

These were so easy, even my 3 year old made one

Japanese Kite Craft

We we even lucky enough to get a bit of a breeze today!

Carp Kite Craft

Click Here for Full Photo Instructions

New Graphic

Framing it all……

Just in case
your children make something fantastic while learning about Japan

Which is likely to happen,
with all the amazing art techniques they’ll get to explore)

Show them how to make this fun Origami frame to present their art:

Japan Crafts for Kids, Children's Crafts

This frame has an adorable little Fishy I dug out of my new scrapbook set…

See, I told you I would use it.


Chances are you’ll find just the right Woodprint, Haiku, Caligriphy, Sumi-e, or photograph to put inside!

Wrap it up, and send it to Grandma.

Japanese Crafts for Children

These are so much fun you’ll want to make one for yourself….

….and you can because they’re Super Duper Cheap.

New Graphic