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Retail $79-$169  (Variety of Sizes)

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OverviewButtonThe Hidden Whiteboard is a unique product that displays important information in a fashionable way.  The patent pending design allows you to customize the outward appearance by sliding in your own choice of artwork while disguising the whiteboard interior.  The Hidden Whiteboard is available in a variety of sizes and frames making it a must have product for your home office or homeschool classroom. ProsButton

  • Messy Whiteboard can be hidden in a matter of seconds!
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Variety of Wood Frame Colors
  • Ability to customize and change the art/photo area.

  • Not magnetic
  • Note the $25 Shipping Fee


Oh My.

Can I just tell you that this is a biased review.

I have wanted The Hidden Whiteboard for over TWO years.

Look, see it’s true!

This is my DREAM product.

You can imagine how excited I was when I was actually contacted by the makers of The Hidden Whiteboard for a review

(they also happen to be a homeschooling family….go figure)

Double back flip for this Momma.

You see, we technically don’t have a homeshool classroom.

We homeschool out of our dining room, along with I’m sure like 90% of the homeschooling population.

Unless you homeschool out of your living room, minivan, or walk in closet or something.

That is entirely possible and I’ve been there done that too.

(do people still say that?)


The Hidden Whiteboard is the perfect balance for your multifunction needs.

On the outside you can slide in your favorite photograph, art print, children’s project, artist of the week, classroom poster….need I go on?

And the inside is a fully functional whiteboard, complete with pen & clip so you’re always ready to teach your little ones.

(Bonus points for anyone who can solve that algebra problem I wrote above!)


The Hidden Whiteboard can be ordered in different sizes:

  • 21 x 11.5 accepts 8×10 photo
  • 27 x 15.5 accepts 11×14 photo
  • 37 x 21.5 accepts 16×20 photo
  • 45 x 31.5 accepts 20×30 photo

And Different Frame Colors

  • Black
  • Golden Pecan
  • Dark Walnut

And it comes with the hardware needed to hang it to the wall.




On a side note here I need to mention that the the anchors included were quite sturdy, they didn’t crumple when I hammered them into place.

(FYI: the anchors are substitutes for if you don’t screw into a wood stud, they keep the product from falling out of the drywall)

I know it’s a tad silly to mention, but THIS momma is quite annoyed with cheep plastic anchors that crumple with even the slightest of hammering.

But these baby’s are sturdy and you won’t have to make an extra trip to Orange for replacement anchors with four screaming kids in tow.


So, here’s a quick video of how The Hidden Whiteboard works


Easy peasy right?

Personally, I love that I don’t have to worry about CLEANING the whiteboard before company comes over for dinner, I just shut the board and pretend it’s just a picture frame.

Also, in addition to the included dry erase pen, I tried out Expo brand dry erase markers on the white board just to make sure they erased and I found that they did as well as the previous whiteboard I had in place, but if you like your whiteboard extra clean I would recommend having the spray stuff on hand.

So here is the BEFORE shot:


And here is the AFTER:


Much nicer for a dining area I think!

Check out The Hidden Whiteboard, and transform your room too!



Disclaimer: The Hidden Whiteboard sent me FREE product for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion.


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