Inuksuk Craft

Cardboard + Rocks + Glue =

inuksuk craft lesson


Wondering what that means? Here’s a video….don’t feel bad for clicking it, I didn’t know either.

If anything you’ll at least learn how to pronounce it.

Here’s a few helpful books with some fantastic photos too:

inuksuk lesson children

inuksuk craft

Going for extra credit? Check it out….an Inuksuk on the 2010 Winter Olympics….

some discussion questions and some helpful links and ideas too!

inuksuk craft

These would look fantastic framed in black don’t you think?

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Puffy Polar Bear

We’re starting up our Homechool year learning about the Inuit tribes of North America!

My kiddos have been so excited to learn about the Eskimos, and all the amazing creatures of the arctic.

inuit crafts

We’re using Evan-Moor History Pockets as a basic guide for our studies on Native Americans

inuit crafts, eskimo, arctic animals

As well as Draw, Write, Now Book 4 (Animals of the Arctic)

snow bear

And of course a slew of library books (Click Here for our picks)

We’ve already kicked off our year of learning so we’ve got some great projects to share with you!

Starting off with these fun Puffy Polar Bears:

polar bear craft

We’ve even included a recipe for making your own Puffy Paint, and Texture Paint here!!

Very Simple, but quite beautiful results!

Stay tuned for more Arctic Fun!!!

eskimo file folder game

(Psst….You did see our adorable Eskimo File Folder Game didn’t you?)

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She Sells Seashells….

….by the seashore:

seashell craft

Yeah….not the beach….but even better cause I didn’t have to deal with sand stuck in their every nook and cranny!

The kids had a great time making signs, and pricing their goods:
homeschool bible crafts

sea shell craft

They didn’t even know they were learning:
homeschool crafts

It was the perfect day at the beach.

Click here for fun ways to learn using seashells!


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Make Your Own Fossils

We’ve been slowly fazing in some Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils to our science lessons, and this was one of the activities that we just had to do!

fossil crafts is a super simple way for children to make their own fossils.

I had no idea that Plaster of Paris could be so easy to work with!

(I had envisions of cement mixers, inhaling nasty white powder, and crusty rock formations on my best spatula)

However with a little prep work, None of that occurred, and we had a fantastic time making fossils!

And apparently our excavation site was somewhere in the Asian territory of a remote place called “ANIHC”

fossil crafts

Too Cute Right?

Click Here for full Photo Instructions!


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NEW! Family Math, Art, Geography, & Science Curriculum…..


Recently my 4 year old son (Bubba) has been showing interest and readiness to learn at a higher level then I’ve been presenting to him. I’m really excited to see the changes over the past few months:

He will sit for extended periods of time
He can hold a pencil the correct way most of the time without help
He knows his letters and the sounds they make
He is writing his name and other short words
He is beginning to recognize common words (Thanks Starfall!)
He is showing an interest in having “HIS OWN” school books (instead of sharing with Sissy)

I’m really excited because he has been such an “Energetic” little scout, and it’s been really hard to even attempt to lead any type of learning experience that required “FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS”


But I see that we are coming around the bend, and my little Preschooler just might be ready for some more one-on-one instructional learning.

Thus, I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks RE-Arranging my LIFE Homeschool schedule to fit him in a bit more, and of course researching curriculum choices that I could use for both children. I haven’t got it all just perfect yet (do we ever) but here are a couple of new additions to our Homeschool Curriculum that I wanted to share:


The Complete Book of Science:

I love this book not only because it is in full color (total score for entertainment factor) but it has 12 different sections that provide hands on learning alongside worksheets and reproducible charts and diagrams. One of the first topics we started with this book was “Our Human Body” and we made these life size representations of our organs, bones, and muscles. You can imagine that both kiddos were giggly excited to do this. (Now, we’re learning about Rocks and Minerals) You can read sample pages here….




Family Math:

I saw this book at a thrift store (after I read that a friend picked it up at a thrift store) and decided to give it a shot. I mean $2 is worth a shot right? Totally worth it. I love this book already, it has transformed Math time at our house in a matter of days. Both of my kids love the hands on activities, and they love learning alongside eachother when an activity fits both their ability levels. The best part about this book is that it tells you very clearly, what ages each activity is for, and then it has pictures and additional ideas for how to explore the concepts with each child. Here is Bubba playing one of the sorting and counting games:




Teaching Children ART:

Okay, I know…we don’t really need books to teach children art do we? Aside from subscribing to Art Projects for Kids, I’ve been using this book to make sure that the kiddos recieve some sort of formal traning on Art (you know like color theory and all that technical stuff) So far we’ve done a couple of lessons as a family, and both children have been very interested. Here are some photos of them learning about line (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal)



Little Passports

And for Geography…..Did you see? I won the 6 month Subscription to Little Passports, and should be receiving some fantastic learning materials soon! I can’t wait, so stay tuned for photos of those!

I’ve added all of our new books and resources to our Homeschool Curriculum page, in case you’re interested in what we’re using for the other topics too!


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Horned Owl Craft

horned owl craft for kids

This little guy sure has an expression doesn’t he?

He looks a bit Twitterpaited if you ask me. (That term from Bambi might have a whole new meaning now that Twitter is so popular!)

The belly of this little guy provides some white space for children to write in key facts or even some poetry about owls!

Here’s the Photo instructions and Templates you need to make this!

All Other Owl Crafts are Here

owl valentine printables
PSSST: Check out these adorable Valentine Owls on our Sister Site!

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Valentine’s Day Cards



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Homeschool Tools: Texture Squares

I’ve started a new tab on our main site called Homeschool Tools!

I hope to be able to post some of the different tools we use in our homeschool, nothing to fancy but maybe it will inspire you to get crafty in your own classroom!

Last week I posted the Base 10 Bean Counters,
and this week I’m showing off these colorful Texture Squares:

texture squares

I’ve been saving every little bit and scrap from all my sewing projects in hopes of making something like this for a long time. (hence the large pile of fabric…I might have overdone it a bit..)

Not all the fabrics have a defining texture, some I chose because of the color patterns, but it makes a great matching game, especially one to store in your purse for the long wait times at the Doctor’s office.

(Did I mention we’re on Ear Infection number 7 for the year? Same kid, same ear….what gives?)

Anyway, I put up more photos with instructions, including the sizes that I used on our main site.

I’d love to see any homemade matching games you’ve made with your children! Drop me a link below if you’ve done a similar project!


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Japanese Koi Noburi (Carp Kite)

Japanese Craft Carp Kite

Are these not the most beautiful little Koi Kites you’ve ever seen?

These were so easy, even my 3 year old made one

Japanese Kite Craft

We we even lucky enough to get a bit of a breeze today!

Carp Kite Craft

Click Here for Full Photo Instructions

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Framing it all……

Just in case
your children make something fantastic while learning about Japan

Which is likely to happen,
with all the amazing art techniques they’ll get to explore)

Show them how to make this fun Origami frame to present their art:

Japan Crafts for Kids, Children's Crafts

This frame has an adorable little Fishy I dug out of my new scrapbook set…

See, I told you I would use it.


Chances are you’ll find just the right Woodprint, Haiku, Caligriphy, Sumi-e, or photograph to put inside!

Wrap it up, and send it to Grandma.

Japanese Crafts for Children

These are so much fun you’ll want to make one for yourself….

….and you can because they’re Super Duper Cheap.

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