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OverviewButtonOcarina FUNdamentals is specially designed for parents who want to teach their children music.  STL Ocarina has put together a package of fundamental resources for teaching children how to play the ocarina.  The set includes a 12 hole plastic ocarina, Method book 1 on CD, Method book companion CD and an instructional DVD.  Method book 1 includes 12 easy to follow lesson plans that include introductions to different notes, exercises, reviews, and tips and tricks for reading and playing music. Ocarina is one of the easiest instruments to learn, as well as one of the most affordable, making music instruction more accessible to all families. ProsButton

  • Price
  • Instrument & Lessons
  • DVD Companion Lessons
  • Introductory, and comprehensive.
  • Parent with musical background not required
  • Multiple Children Discounts

  • None!


Pssst….let me tell you a little seceret

I don’t know how to play a musical instrument.

My musical ability never blossomed past Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Hot Cross Buns on the recorder.

I even tried violin lessons once, but I just couldn’t stick with it long enough to make all the money, time and energy worth it.

However, I’ve read the studies on music and intelligence, and have always wanted to allow my children to AT LEAST be introduced to music in a fun way, (read: fun way for MOM too… i.e. minimal extra work involved) just to see if they enjoy it enough to pursue it further.

In fact, I was just about to buck up and pay the bill for some expensive introductory flute lessons when I was contacted by STL Ocarina to review their homeschool curriculum & student instrument.

Say What?

I was so excited to say the least, and within a week we were testing this beautiful ….fun….and dare I say addicting instrument.




So here’s the deal with Ocarina Fundamentals:

20140520_134052Retail Price $39.99

*12-Hole Plastic Ocarina
*The Art of Ocarina Method Book Volume One on a CD
*The Art of Ocarina Method Book Companion CD
*Instructional DVD

Recommended Age 10+  (Check out this package for under 10)


The ocarina in our set is a 12 Hole plastic ocarina which is just the right size for my 11 year old daughter.




The Art of Ocarina Method Book comes on a CD.  We printed our book out and binded it for easy access.


Here’s a peek into some of the lessons:








Here’s a peek at the back of the book.

There is an entire collection of songs with suggested steps and practice pages to master and prepare for the song.



There is also a companion DVD to the method book which seems like it should be used after and during each lesson.


On this DVD there are 12 cooresponding videos. Each video is a few minutes long and they include extra tips, and practice with additional skills such as counting beats an breathing techniques like you would receive from a private music lesson.  The DVD also includes the Scales, and a couple of the Repertoire songs.


ON a side note here, after playing the ocarina for a while I realized that my hands were tired and there were little circles imprinted in my finger tips. One of my favorite tips in the DVD is to try and add one minute to your practice time each day to help build strength in your wrists and fingers so you’ll be able to play for longer periods of time. This is so helpful, as it’s kinda hard to get my little pinkies to really cover that last hole in time for the note.

The final CD in the kit is the demonstration cd and it  includes audio examples of the 40 songs throughout the method book.

This can be handy to listen to in the car, but also so your children can keep rhythm and speed when playing.

Not to mention it’s  a great baseline for Mom and Dad to hear what the lesson is supposed to resemble :)


  • Includes instrument & Instructional Lessons
  • Parent with musical background not required
  • Price is comparable to two private instrument lessons.
  • Great introductory tool for young children, and all ages
  • Discounts available when purchasing for multiple children



  • None!

Overall I think this is a great set of tools and resources you can use to introduce your children to music.  The value in this product is tremendous, for the price of one or two private lessons you can have an instrument and 12 dvd & written lesson plans, which I personally believe would be wonderful done over a 12+ week period.  There isn’t a set schedule within the lessons, so you can progress at your own pace (which is truly why we homeschool anyway isn’t it?).

If you’re looking to add music into your homeschool curriculum, be sure you check into STL Ocarina and the Ocarina Fundamentals Kit.

While you’re there check out these amazing custom Ocarinas:  Superhero, Zelda, and my favorite the Ocarina Necklace!

They are amazing!!


And I totally know your next question…..and YES, you can play “Let it Go” on the Ocarina, watch how it’s done here.

Share that video with your children at your own discretion….lest you try to blame me later!



Disclaimer: STL Ocarina sent me a free Ocarina Fundamentals kit for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are my honest thoughts about this product.


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