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Student Text Retail $69.47

Student Bundle Retail $102.97

Note: Our review below is for Grade 4  2009 Edition

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OverviewButtonEnvision Math is a product of Pearson Homeschool. The text appears to be a public school text book repackaged as a homeschool curriculum. I expect in the coming years we’ll see Envision Math making a strong appearance in the Online and Charter School Market. Envision Math lessons start with review, new teaching, guided practice, independent practice, and then connections. Quizes, Reteaching, and algebra connections are offered throughout. Bundle Package Includes: Student Edition, MindPoint® Quiz Show CD-ROM, and Teacher Edition CD-ROMPost Review Update: While we received the entire bundle we really only used the Student Text.



  • Non-consumable
  • Reteaching opportunities are very easy to implement.
  • Algebra Connections
  • Problem Solving Handbook
  • Lots of additional teaching resources & printables on CD ROM (Bundle Version)

  • Cost.
  • No Physical Teacher Guide.
  • Sarcastic tone with Quiz Show Characters



It must be taught.

It is certainly NOT my favorite subject.

In fact, once I hit High School,
it became an every night struggle for me
just to get my assignments turned in.

You remember public High School Math don’t you?
Late nights, dimly lit desk lamps,
and sometimes a peek at the odd answers in the back of the book.

You are laughing cause you know you did this too.
My teacher never assigned the odd numbers anyway

(there’s some classic rationalization for ya)


Fast Forward 15 some-odd years and here I am:


Math Curriculum has been a hard one for me.
I’ve used a different publisher for each year that I’ve taught.

This will be my second year using Envision Math.




pearson homeschool

Envision Math is published by a company called Pearson.

You may have heard of them. :)

Tip: Sign up for their newsletter for a discount.

From what I hear, the homeschool website is pretty new,
and there aren’t really any “sample” pages of the different curriculum
packages. So today I thought I’d share with you lots of photos
from our new Envision Math Grade 4 Math book.

To be frank, even when there are a few sample pages,
choosing a math curriculum can be tough so I added in some thoughts along the way.
So grab a cup of joe and “virtually” flip through the pages with me!


Envison Math comes in a Homeschool bundle for $99.99
The bundle includes the following:
Student Edition, MindPoint® Quiz Show CD-ROM, and Teacher Edition CD-ROM

Table of Contents

Topic 1: Numeration
Topic 2: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers
Topic 3: Multiplication Meanings and Facts
Topic 4: Division Meanings and Facts
Topic 5: Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers
Topic 6: Patterns and Expressions
Topic 7: Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers
Topic 8: Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors
Topic 9: Lines, Angles, and Shapes
Topic 10: Understanding Fractions
Topic 11: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Topic 12: Understanding Decimals
Topic 13: Operations with Decimals
Topic 14: Area and Perimeter
Topic 15: Solids
Topic 16: Measurement, Time, and Temperature
Topic 17: Data and Graphs
Topic 18: Equations
Topic 19: Transformations, Congruence, and Symmetry
Topic 20: Probability

You can see that everything is VERY clearly laid out.
You could easily hit just the topics you are wanting to teach for the day.

Problem Solving Handbook
(Love this….I can hear myself now….”Check your Handbook!”)


Start with Review:

New Lesson across the Top:
I believe this is standard with Envision Math.


Every so often there is an additional page to lay some algebraic ground work.
I hear this is very important!

I appreciate that the INSTRUCTIONS are geared toward the child.
Children can easily count some of this time as technology learning as well.

There are tests at the end of each unit.

Now this is something to be excited about! Detailed reteaching points for trouble spots on the test. What a great way to encourage mastery.

So that was the Student Text.
The Teachers Guide and all other printables and resources
come on a CD Rom.

Here are some screen shots:

There are learning center activities, games, vocabulary cards and much much more.
Everything is organized by the exact lesson the child is on.

This is very handy for finding a specific help.
But not so handy if you just want to PRINT ALL.

This is disappointing because I would really like
to QUICKLY print up the Answer Key for the daily assignments but alas,
There is no PRINT ALL button.

Also included in the Homeschool Bundle is the MindPoint GameShow Software.

This is basically a game for children to be tested on each specific lesson.
When children get a wrong answer, there is no explanation as to WHY the answer was wrong, but it does show the correct answer.

So it’s more like a pretest then a learning tool. As a teacher you can pull reports to see what scores they got in each category (not specific questions) to help reteach before moving on to the next topic.

So there you have it!
What are my thoughts?

Non-consumable…..meaning you have your child write their answers on a separate sheet of paper Also meaning that you get to use it again and again for all of your children.

Reteaching opportunities are very easy to implement.

Problem Solving Handbook & E-Learning encourage child to initiate finding their own answers.

Lots of additional teaching resources & printables.


No Physical Teacher Guide. Yes there is an e-guide, but unfortunately it’s not a simple “print” either. You must put in the CDrom, and access each file individually and choose which you want to print. (i.e. you print one page at a time) That is simply too much work when you’re paying for a product. The Teacher Guide should come as one continuous file for easy access and grading purposes.

Software game was a bit obnoxious when children get a wrong answer. It was like those game shows with a sarcastic host, and might be off-putting and discouraging to children who are struggling with a certain topic. There is no “Explanation” button to reteach, they simply move to the next question.

Cost. Based on what I have budgeted for Math in the past, I would say that Envision Math is on the higher end of a math curriculum.


Hope you enjoyed our virtual journey!
We’ll be using this text over the years to come….
I’m actually pretty tempted to have my children write in their name and year on the inside cover.


Oh how that brings back memories!

You can read more about other grade levels of Envision Math
and other Pearson published curriculums here.



Disclaimer: As part of the TOS review crew I was sent free product for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own.


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  • Alina Reply

    There is a teachers guide, but it is with the school version. I like it because instead of a huge book, each unit is separate. It’s designed in a file folder format and so much more lighter. You have all the pages of the unit in the online version stapled together. Look into the teachers guide for schools and see if it is aligned with the homeschool version of Envision Math.

    March 10, 2015 at 3:16 am

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