Tlingit Crafts for Kids

Crafts, Activities, Books, Ideas  and Resources for ideas for enhancing your lessons on the Tlingit tribes of the North West. These are great for children of all ages and you’ll find recommended reading to pair alongside each themed activity. With our full photo instructions, children can make a potlach hat, totem pole, plank house and more.



Suggested Resources:

drawwritenowDraw Write Now: Native Americans

Beginning drawing and writing lessons for children ages five to ten. BOOK 3 focuses on NativeAmericans, North America and the Pilgrims. The books are simple enough for a young child to do Click Here for details.



Animal Paper Piecing Craft

These paper piecing collages are a beautiful representation of the American Tribes. Best create and put together without much mess.

Potlach Hat Craft

While these hats are probably too small to wear, they still are fun to make! Children can decorate them and put them on display alongside all of their Northwest Native American Crafts.

Tlingit Coloring Pages

We have some free printable Tlingit coloring pages you can use to enhance your unit study on this Native American Tribe

Tlingit Blanket Craft

This is a great craft to showcase the repetitive images in Tlingit artwork. Children make a small version of these amazing blankets which look fantastic in your classroom.

Tlingit Notebooking Pages

This is a small collection of free printable notebooking pages for the North American Tlingit Tribe. Each page features a photo, artwork, or tool of the Tlingit Tribe. These pages are perfect for storing information and key facts.

Basket Weaving Craft

This basket craft is great to do alongside many different Native American unit studies. Be sure and talk with children about the specific styles, and materials each culture would use.

Plank House Art Project

These plank houses are fun to make because they use inexpensive materials and leave your children with useable art! The inside frame of the home is a tissue box, which dispenses tissues through the opening in the top of the house.

Totem Pole Carving

Using the soft features of Balsa wood makes these easy for young hands to work with, and they love to have a finished carving they can display proudly!

Tlingit Weaving

This short film called The Artistry of Tlingit Weaving was filmed in 2011 as a Smithsonian Spotlight Presentation. In it Teri Rofkar and Shelly Law talk of the method, materials, and significance of the figures used in traditional Tlingit art.


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